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The Avenger Support Vehicle can do two things: its Point Defense laser paints enemy units so your units can target them faster, and it can also fend of enemy aircraft with a second laser.

Microwave Tank
As well as killing infantry with its damaging microwave field, the Microwave Tank can also disable enemy structures by rendering them powerless.

Sentry Drone
A stealthed reconnaissance vehicle primarily, but an upgrade for it gives it a 20mm cnanon for minor threats.


Sentry Drone Gun
This upgrade allows the Sentry Drone to attack lightly armoured units with a 20mm cannon.

Don't fancy seeing your aircraft getting shot down? Countermeasures allows them to throw chaff and decoys to evade AA fire.

Hellfire Drone
This drone accompanies its master unit around the battlefield, supporting it by firing Hellfire missiles at enemy units.

Chemical Suits
Kit your infantry out in these to improve their resistance against toxins, microwave effects and radiation.

Supply Lines
Increasing the productivity of Chinooks to get your cash rolling in faster.

Bunker Buster Bombs
The GLA can't hide out in the Tunnels without fear any more. Droppng this kills units or forces them to come out.

The "mother of all bombs" upgrades the Fuel Air Bomb into something even more destructive.


Aside from sporting a 150mm artillery cannon, four infantry can sit in its corners and fire out with their weapons.

Generals Abilities:

Leaflet Drop
Anyone who happens to read one of these suddenly loses the will to fight, and won't move for a while. Christ, I knew the USA had some talented writers, but...

Spectre Gunship
50 calibre shells from multiple cannons ensures devestation to the chosen area.

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