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» Chinese Buildings

All Chinese buildings are listed below, with detailed descriptions and screenshots (where possible).

» Normal Buildings

Command Centre:
The heart and soul of Olivio, you need this to keep your base going or your chances of success can be reduced to minimal. This is where the Generals must be placed in order to receive access to their special abilities. Keep it alive and with the General inside if you wish to use your Secret Police or other abilities.
Almost identical to the Depots of other sides, it houses the raw materials needed to set up a base. The Chinese use trucks to collect resources, so in between the USA and GLA in terms of speed and space available.
The Chinese rely heavily on their mass numbers of infantry to overpower their foes, so the Barracks are vital to the war effort. All infantry pop out here, no matter what tech you have, so keeping this building safe is a must!
War Factory:
If you want to send Inferno Tanks in to battle, this building is a must. All ground based tanks and vehicles are constructed here, like with infantry and Barracks, so this should be highly defended.
They need a place for the MiG's, and this is it. Keep this protected otherwise your airforce may need to do a few circles before it can land.
Power Plant:
No prizes for guessing what this does, unless I feel really nice today. It will most likely be needed to power the Propaganda Towers, as they will be of high importance when defending your base.
Nuke Silo:
Housing a very large Nuclear warhead, this will be an expensive building to construct but the benefits of having the weapon outweigh the money lost. Once the doors open, it's bombs up, up and away.
An upgrade to the Command Centre, this will let you view the battlefield from a sky high look and enable you to carefully plan attacks. You also get the benefits of seeing where your opponents units are, and if any activity is happening around the map.
Propaganda Tower:
Similar to the Propaganda Blimp Unit, this tower yells encouragement (or threats) to the soldiers so that they work faster and harder. With three speakers at a dizzy height, many people in the vicinity will be spurred on by the chants.

» Defensive Structures
Remember the Battle Bunker from Yuri's revenge? This looks almost identical, and when stocked with infantry it will be a potent defence for incoming soldiers and light armour. Upgrades for being inside it are unknown, if they are any, of course..
Gattling Defense:
Firing an incredible amount of bullets in a short time, this will cut down any soldier with no problems at all, and damage the lightly armoured vehicles the GLA and USA possess. Placing a few of these at choke-points around your base wouldn't be a bad idea.

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