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» Chinese Units

All Chinese units are listed below, with detailed descriptions and screenshots (where possible). China are based upon the use of masses of cheap infantry units and special units such as the 'hacker'.

» Air Force

Though originally developed by the Russians many years back, the MiG will still be making an appearance in Generals, handled by the Chinese pilots. It may be old compared to the American Aurora but with an experienced pilot behind the throttle it'll still be a severe threat in the air, most likely going head to head with the American F-22. You can also deliver a 'napalm strike' with a team of them, which we have seen clear a large portion of the GLA's tunnel network; and most of the hill as well.

» Vehicles
Standard Tank:
This is what looks like China's main battle tank. Light and no-where near the immensity of the Overlord (below), this is what you'll pump out to take out enemy Crusaders. Also, the turret is based near the front of tank, which should give a faster rate of fire and easier target tracking, such as travelling around corners. A fabled tactic in Renegade, by the way.
Gattling Tank:
The only official information on this unit is that "It fires bullets" which was said in an inspired e-mail reply back to us when we asked. Well, using a bit of fabled common sense and some history, we can guess it is a fast unit with the primary function to mow down anything remotely human looking. Don't expect the bullets to be collapsing anything concrete though. Although we don't know if it will retain the YR versions attributes of speeding up it's barrels though.
Overlord Tank:
The big bertha of tanks, this twin barrelled tank won't take no for an answer. Stocked to the rims with cannons and machine guns no target will have an easy time destroying it. It won't be very fast, so it could be at a disadvantage to lighter yet faster younger brothers. Due to its immense size, it can carry structures on its back and take them around with it. These include the Propaganda Tower, so as it leads a group of tanks into battle they will all be mentally super-charged, and a Bunker can hitch a ride as well. Whether anything else is transportable is unknown. Being the largest of the tanks, it is the only unit capable of crushing other tanks beneath its mighty treads. Only the incredible train is more powerful!
Dragon Tank:
This fiery tank can light the fires of enemy soldiers; and burn their ashes to the ground in the process as well. A concentrated stream of blazing fire comes out the end with the turret-esque pole on the front, the canister of gasoline on the back. Depending on which you hit, you could either be left with a smouldering heap of steel or a Shell Petrol Station on wheels.
Inferno Cannon:
We made the mistake of confusing this with the Dragon Tank at first, but we now know the difference between them. Whereas the Dragon is fast and portable, the Inferno Cannon spits out gigantic fireballs that don't just cook your sausages. 'Burnt to a crisp' is more like it.
Troop Crawler:
A large APC like transport vehicle, with 20 Chinese soldiers piled into the back. Once unloaded it can also heal the infantry, as was recently revealed. Akin to a school bus full of kids going to a zoo trip, but slightly less dangerous.
Nuke Cannon:
The Chinese Nuke cannon fires nuclear devices from a stationary postion on the battlefield. The nuke missiles aren't as powerful as the full versions from the buildings but have the advantage of movement. Succeptable to short range attacks.
The same as all the other Bulldozers, it builds your buildings for you. I'd add more, but my sense of humour is not that of Jasper Carrot.
Unknown Truck:
We aren't sure what this unit is now, after seeing the real Supply Trucks. It might be some kind of suicide truck, any RA2 Libyians will like this, but nothing official is out there.
Supply Truck:
This large vehicle carries the materials from Warehouses back to China's base to get the needed funds for an army. It can carry more than the Chinook, but will be slower getting thrre and back.

» Infantry
Standard Infantry:
Standard Infantry at their very best. Most likely similar to the USA's Infantry but slightly cheaper and with less up to date guns" poor sods. The Chinese Government don't care for their population, and will throw torrents of them into battle rather than use any armour. Brainwashed with propaganda they will run into battle uncaring for their lives, just like the suicide bombers. Throw them at something to weaken it and wear it down, but don't expect anyone to care after hundreds are lost.
The stereotypical spotty teenagers, but armed with much more than a Pentium 2. They can hack into enemy buildings to shut down power, play about with systems and even take over units for short periods of time. It takes 5 hackers to get control of each building, and senior units can resist their effects easier than the green recruits.
Elite Hacker:
You think you were good with your games on IRC? Think again newbie, because this girl knows her stuff. She can hack money from the internet, providing a secondary source of income, if a little less profitable. She can do the same things as the normal hackers as well, if a little quicker and better, and goes by the mysterious name of "Black Lotus" - not to be confused with your neighbours car.

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