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» GLA Units

All GLA units are listed below, with detailed descriptions and screenshots (where possible). GLA are based upon the use of 'hit and run' tactics, many of their vehicles and weapons are a motley assortment of 'recycled' materials. Note, the GLA has no airforce. Unlike China and USA, the GLA uses workers instead of bulldozers.

» Vehicles

Standard Tank:
This is what looks like the GLA's main battle tank. It actually appears more like a Humvee, so one would suspect that it would be quite nippy but due to its extra armour and firepower won't be quite as fast as the true version of the Humvee. The twin turrets give double the rate of fire, but their size and power is still lacking.
These aren't your normal Mitsubishi's, these souped up jeeps can scavenge armour, weapons and even cannons from the wreckage of destroyed tanks, able to be upgraded so that they really are a threat on the battlefield. They are very fast, and have good handling, and would make a good scouting unit early on in the game. They may not look pretty, but they fit the GLA's style perfectly.
Suicide Bomber:
Sure to evoke painful memories, this unit drives itself into buildings and explodes on contact due to the explosives packed under the bonnet. They are vulnerable to any fire, so they have to be carefully sent in unless you want a premature explosion.
Rocket Buggy:
A buggy with rockets, speedy and light with precision firing. They may look like something you'd ride down a hill in in some kind of competition, but when stationed on a vantage point they are lethal against all types of armour. Unfortunately, a single Crusader shell sends them skywards, in a few more pieces than they used to be. Best used as hit and run, ambush style units, they'll need cover from heavier tanks if you wish to use them in a heavy battle.
Quad Cannon:
Looks similar to a Technical but armed with a much more powerful weapon. The cannon can decimate ground and air units by itself, and the shells are very powerful. Still no direct opposition to a Crusader, but undoubtedly cheaper and quicker to build so mass production is possible.
Mobile Radar Vehicle:
Little is known about this recently announced vehicle, but we can assume it provides radar abilites anywhere on the map for the GLA. It could be as a backup, in case the building gets destroyed, or could be benificial depending on the area it's deployed in. It is only some kind of hippy wagon, so in quiet periods the guys can relax on the bunk beds and keep an eye on the radar at the same time.
Toxic Tractor:
Sprays toxins from the turret on the top of its body, a potent infantry killer with no morals. The toxin is described as "green and goopy"... lovely. It won't be burning around the streets leaving skid marks, so any unit with a long range should be able to comfortably take it out. Blow your nose all over the battlefield!
Scud Launcher:
Remember the V3? Then you'll know this. Launches missiles high into the air, which then parade down onto the poor enemy forces. If it's anything like the V3 of old, keep it well back and utilise its range, not the tea-pot armour.
Artillery Tank:
Information on this unit is sketchy to say the least, despite appearing in a few screenshots. Armed with a large cannon and a curious stucture, one wonders whether this unit can transport infantry given its basket like back.
Scorpion Tank:
The light tank of the GLA forces, this will be your unit to oppose the Leopard's of the USA. It has a Missile System upgrade in this picture, to add a bit more firepower. It should be pretty nippy too, another candidate for the hit & run tactic.
Unknown Unit:
No official information on this unit yet, some kind of infantry transport perhaps, but don't take our word for it.
Unknown Unit 2:
Again, no official explanataion, looks like a Jeep with a gigantic C4 in the back.

» Infantry
Standard Infantry:
Armed with your predictable machine gun, these grunts make up the feet of the GLA infantry and won't be the units cried over when lost. Mass them as a distraction, or use them as fodder for an assault, but don't rely on them for the war effort.
Rocket Infantry:
These guys come with heavy duty rocket launchers, and when wielded over a shoulder they are potent armour killers. They are the ultimate in tank stopping, able to dodge the shells and let off several rockets at a time. In one on one situations there will be trouble, but as long as the tank is outnumbered it won't stand a chance; if surrounded its shells wouldn't be able to take out the infantry in time.
Angry Mob:
If you thought that a selection of pee'd off civilians was easy meat, think again. While throwing Petrol Bombs anyone is a threat, and when a handful of the latest Mk466 ROCKS come out to play, the riot has truly begun. While left around to their own devices the mob will 'grow' with more members, thus strengthening the attack power of the mob. With the necessary upgrades they can be equipped with more powerful weaponry, such as machine guns, and their Molotov Cocktails aka petrol bombs are a threat against buildings.
The GLA equivalent of Solid Snake or Tenchu, this man known as "Jarmen Kel" can cloak himself to stay hidden and still make his way into the heart of enemy bases. Being the hero unit his weapons will be incredibly powerful against infantry and the immense power is really shown when used against vehicles. He can snipe the drivers of Hummvees and other light vehicles straight through the windscreen, or even through the armour of Crusader tanks. Once the driver is gone the unit is rendered neutral, and any old man walking by can hop in and claim the unit.
Who needs Chinooks or Trucks when you have poor slave labourers to do the work? Send them out to collect your resources then punish them for a laugh. Reminds me of Yuri's little ore gathering party. These units are the GLAs version of the Chinese and USA bulldozers in terms of collecting resources and so on.

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