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» USA Units

Cost: $2500
Prerequiste: Airfield, Strategy Centre
Possible Upgrades: None.
Description: The Aurora is untouchable before it releases its immensely powerful payload, and from then on, anti-air defenses can attack it. It has very weak armour, so if you send it into a well-guarded area, class it as a suicide unit. An excellent unit for quickly taking out structures or carelessly grouped tanks, as the splash damage area is quite large.

F-22 Raptor
Cost: $1400
Prerequisite: Airfield
Possible Upgrades: Laser Missiles.
Description: The F-22 fighter jet is the staple air unit for the USA, with the ability to attack any unit with power and speed. When upgradeded with 'Laser Missiles', its potency rises by 25% - it'd be a good move to get some AA up if you know your enemy has purchased this.

Stealth Bomber
Cost: $1600
Prerequisite: Airfield, General Upgrade
Possible Upgrades: Laser Missiles.
Description: Having the useful ability to avoid AA fire for three seconds, Stealth Bombers can quickly eliminate units or buildings and escape light enemy resisistance. I prefer to have a Drone upgrade to begin with, but if you want an early air advantage, go for the Stealth Bomber. It can't attack other airborne units, though, so avoid any MiG's that may be patrolling the skies.

Cost: $1500
Prerequisite: Airfield
Possible Upgrades: Rocket Pods
Description: This lethal Gunship comes with 4 Missiles and a chaingun that can wreak havoc upon the chosen target. The missiles aren't bad at all against vehicles, and the chaingun mows down any infantry, so it's a highly useful unit. Once upgraded with Rocket Pods you have a party on your hands - they are deadly and cause utter destruction anywhere you tell it to fire, although accuracy isn't a strong point.

Cost: $1200
Prerequisite: Supply Center.
Possible Upgrades: None.
Description: Ferrying supplies around the map, Chinooks supply the Americans with the money they need for a strong army. Also doubling as a transport, Chinooks can still be useful with all supplies taken.

Cost: $900
Prerequiste: War Factory
Possible Upgrades: Attack Drone, Scout Drone, Composite Armour.
Description: The main attack tank for the USA, the Crusader comes with a powerful single turret and is the strongest of the three early tanks. Once heavily upgraded, it can prove useful in late game situations as well, although it can never stand toe-to-toe with an Overlord. Be wary when opposed with rocket infantry, as unless you run them over, you stand no chance.

Cost: $1100
Prerequisite: War Factory, General Upgrade
Possible Upgrades: Attack Drone, Scout Drone, Composite Armour.
Description: The strongest tank in the USA arsenal, the Paladin, aside from having a slightly more powerful shot, also has a laser that can attack certain air units anf infantry; very useful. Apart from the better turret and laser, very similar to the Crusader.

Cost: $700
Prerequisite: War Factory
Possible Upgrades: TOW Missile.
Description: The fastest ground unit for the USA, Humvees make up the anti-infantry unit and can also, with the TOW Missile upgrade, attack tanks and air units with good power. Also a good 'Hit & Run' unit - launch a few missiles at the target then burn it behind some garrisoned buildings.

Medical Truck
Cost: $600
Prerequisite: War Factory
Possible Upgrades: Attack Drone, Scout Drone.
Description: Charging around the battlefield unarmed may not seem a wise plan of action, but the Medical Truck is there to save lives, and save lives it will! Cleaning up radiation is also possible, although the aftermath of a SCUD Storm is often too much for one Medical Truck to deal with.

Tomahawk Missile LauncherCost: $1200
Prerequisite: War Factory, Strategy Center.
Possible Upgrades: Attack Drone, Scout Drone.
Description: Launching Missiles from afar, the Tomahawk makes up the artillery piece for the USA. The missiles offer a concentrated area of damage, rather than the wide-spread nature of the Inferno Cannon, and if you can keep it defended, the enemy base will eventually lie in ruins.

Cost: $1000
Prerequisite: To build extra Dozers, a Command Center is needed.
Possible Upgrades: None.
Description: Without these you can't build any buildings, clear mines or repair, so they are vital to coming out on top in a game. With multiple Dozers, you can build multiple buildings at once, but you can't make one building construct faster.

RangerCost: $225
Prerequisite: Barracks
Possible Upgrades: Flashbang Grenades, Capture Building.
Description: The basic fighting force of the USA, useful in clearing out infantry from buildings with their flashbang grenades or capturing buildings like the Oil Derricks.

Missile Defender [usa_missile_defender.jpg] Cost: $300
Prerequisite: Barracks
Possible Upgrades: None.
Description: Providing a staple defense against enemy armour, Missile Defenders are useful throughout the game as a cheap means of taking out tanks that are poor at returning fire fast enough, or securing areas by garrissoning buildings.

Colonel BurtonCost: $1500
Prerequisite: Barracks, Strategy Center
Possible Upgrades: None.
Description: A c-4 expert with a machine gun often makes a valuable asset in war, and with a 'Remote Charge' 'Timed C4' or 'Knife Attack' he has many ways of causing destruction. Stealthed when not using an ability, too, although sensors can pick him up if he strays too near.

PathfinderCost: $600
Prerequisite: Barracks, General Upgrade
Possible Upgrades: None.
Description: Camouflaged, stealthy and armed with a long range rifle, Pathfinders make mincemeat out of anything organic and then step back into the shadows. An excellent solution to a mass of RPG Troops, or taking out the Workers of the GLA.

PilotCost: N/A
Prerequisite: Destroyed Promoted Aeroplane
Possible Upgrades: None.
Description: Once their fighter or bomber gets shot out of the sky, they parachute to the ground and from there can get into other vehicles and transfer their veterancy. They are unarmed though, so don't expect them to return home if they land by a Gattling Cannon.

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