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The game is out, silly! Go to your local store and get it. However, we've saved our old efforts on trying to sort out the release date - if you want to see what we can expect for the next game's release date, check below.

The release date for C&C Generals is currently unsure, for what reasons the game has been delayed seems unknown to all. Originally, the release date was set to be November 14th 2002 - the development team were quite adamant that they would reach thise deadline - however, they appear to have failed to do so. Jeremy, a staff member here at CNCSeries.Com, emailed Chris 'Delphi' Rubyor (Westwood & EA Pacific Online Community Manager) in regard to what the release date would be. Here's the question and response:
Jeremy: I have been looking around the community, and there have been many rumored release dates for Generals, and I was wondering if you could shed any light on when the release date will be?

Delphi: We are saying right now "at the end of this year".
Obviously one would presume that to be interpreted as before Christmas. However, in a recent preview by Gamespy, they claim the game has been pushed back to January the 21st, 2003. We can only hope that the release isn't plagued with many delays as with C&C Tiberian Sun and C&C Renegade. Also of interest is the release date that several online game catalogue shops have listed for C&C Generals. They all differ quite significantly. Here's a short overview of the dates when C&C Generals could be released, complete with the relevant sources:
  • October 4th 2002 [Amazon]
  • November 14th 2002 Original Date]
  • December 2002 [Email]
  • January 15th 2003 [Electronics Boutique]
  • January 21st 2003 [Gamespy Preview]
  • February/March 2003 [Rumour from within EA Pacific]
  • Whilst we are yet to receive any official clarification on the date of release, Gamespy's claim of late January currently looks the most likely. Of course this means that EA Pacific will miss out on all the Christmas sales that could otherwise have been generated, but this is better than them releasing a rushed game.

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