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Please note that the idea of having Generals was scrapped. This page is just an archive to show what could have been.

C&C Generals gives each of the three sides (China, GLA and USA) three Generals each. You can select which Generals to play with in order to allow yourself special capabilities. It is a way of adding some more diversity to the game, as was seen with each side in Red Alert 2 having its own special unit. Dependent on what General you pick, you could receive veteran tanks, veteran air units, cheaper units and so forth.

Little information about the Generals has been released to date, we've picked up this information from scrutinising screenshots taken from movies. By squinting our eyes and looking at the monitor very closely, we've done the best we can to bring you this information. So, without further ado, here's the information known about the Generals to date (please note that there is no information known about the GLA Generals as of yet):

USA Air Force General
Name: General Griffon
Thoughts: Using General Griffon whilst playing as the USA will allow your air-force to flourish. You will receive various bonuses and upgrades on air units that you produce. Paratroopers and fuel air bomb attacks will be available to you. Crusader tanks and tomahawk missle tanks will receive bonuses.
USA Special Forces
Name: General John
Thoughts: Not too sure quite frankly, but one would assume that using this General would allow one access to commando units to the ilk of Tanya and Boris in Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge.
USA Tank Command
Name: General Bradley
Thoughts: Using this General will allow you to build up a more fearsome array of armour. Certain tanks will be produced as Veterans, others may receive armour upgrades and there may be reductions in production cost.
Chinese Red Army
Name: General Chan
Thoughts: Picking this General will further allow you to exploit China's massive infantry base. Units that will receive upgrades are the Dragon Tank, Chinese Conscript and Overlord Tank. You will also be allowed access to a special weapon in the form of the Neutron Missile.
Chinese Special Weapons
Name: Unknown
Thoughts: The caption underneath this General's picture isn't too clear, but one would guess that it says 'Special Weapons'. One can only assume that playing with this General will allow one access to a variety of special weapon attacks, as opposed to having cheaper or stronger units.
Chinese Special Police
Name: Unknown
Thoughts: Using this General will probably give one access to an array of sabotage style units. Units such as the 'hacker' will probably be featured under this General. Little is known about this guy, really.
GLA Warlord General
Name: Unknown
Thoughts: Similar to the Tank General of the USA, this leader believes in fast pace and aggressive attacks to win. He will use all units at his command to overpower and destroy, using every ounce of power available to him.
GLA Bio-Warfare General
Name: Unknown
Thoughts: Like a Desolator, he isn't afraid to use toxic and chemichal weapons to kill enemy infantry. The 'Viral Outbreak' is lethal to all organic units, poisoning them with mercy. It is also rumoured that fire is another speciality, but we have no information regarding that.
GLA Terrorist Cell General
Name: Unknown
Thoughts: The real terrorist behind the GLA, don't be shocked to see suicidal maniacs speeding into your buildings and units if you're up against him. His power will be hiding away, where you cannot find him, while his suicide bombers keep pounding your units. Be wary of this General at all times.

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