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C&C Generals comes complete with its very own map editor. The map editor is said to be easy to use, very robust and easier to grasp than the likes of the ones seen for Renegade and Emperor: Battle For Dune. EA Pacific have promised to release the map editor a few weeks before Generals itself is actually released. They say that this will allow the community to get to grasps with the editor before the games release.

Obviously, this approach is very interesting. In theory, it should mean that some very good maps are released before the game itself. It will also give everyone a chance to 'experiment' - which should hopefully mean that we'll see less, well, rubbish maps. However, the maps that you create will be ones suited to the 3D enviroment that Generals is set in, so, in short, they will be more difficult to make than the ones you may have made using Red Alert 2's editor, Final Alert.

There is currently one screenshot of the Map Editor in action, released in one of the very first previews of Generals. As you will see when you view the screenshot, the editor features quite a lot of options and seems well organised. It is not yet known what the file size of the editor will be, although it is likely to be quite a considerable download - over 20mb one would estimate. There will be a learning curve to the editor, unlike the 'pickup and play' editor that was Final Alert.

It is rumoured that the Editor has already been released to several high-profile members in the map making community so as they can give their own opinions and feedback on the tool. This approach, as opposed to working together with a non-employee (Matze, creator of Final Alert), is a more professional one - and would suggest that the EA Pacific team are taking the map making aspect of General's community very seriously.

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