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The three sides in Command & Conquer: Generals will play noticeably differently from one another. EA Pacific is building on commonly accepted themes in creating the units and maintaining the balance of each side. Three different "methods of play" will be used for each side; hence making a total of 9 styles of overall play. Examples of style of play are concentrating on land units (hence gaining bonuses on the land units) and concentrating on air units (hence gaining bonuses, such as veteranships upon production, for air units).

»The Americans
The United States of America have got themselves involved in another conflict, this time against the terrorist forces of the Global Liberation Army, or more commonly referred to as the GLA. Although originally a war between China and the GLA, firing a biochemical warhead isn't the best way to appease a giant country, so the USA also took the battle to the GLA as well as China. They are armed with the latest technological advancements and the USA hope to eliminate the threat once and for all, and most likely intimidating China in the process, showing off their extraordinary power. Gah, should have Britain instead.

»The Chinese
The Chinese aren't the paper pushers of old, the weak minded senior citizens that we know of today. These guys are aiming for power, and their young spirits mean they aren't afraid to take risks. Mark Skaggs described them as so: "These are guys that have grown up with MTV, videogames, and the Internet, So while they've kept their communist mentality, they're not these old gray-haired guys that can't even type. They're really slick...they're hard core." Well he's said it himself. Nothing left for me now..

»The Global Liberation Army
They began the battle with China after being unceremoniously booted out of the country, although they did sort of steal a lot of China's technology, so you can't blame them. Fighting back they tested their biochemical warheads on China and USA - sort of asking for trouble, really. They don't have F-22's to help them out, just Betty's old Land Rover and a handful of scrap, but their resourcefulness means nothing will go to waste.

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