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Facts are, people don't like to be away from the battle for long, and so typing isn't loved - as I've discussed. Short and slang terms for all the units and buildings will crop up to save time, and if all the abbreviations and oddities confuse you...well, that's why you're at this page. Note: Some terms overlap, especially in buildings as they have similar purposes. It depends on the side you are playing. Some terms are from the MPT era, or from old info, that have just stuck.

General Terms
GOL: Generals OnLine
QM: Quick Match
CM: Custom Match
GLA: Global Liberation Army
USA: United States of America
Gen: Generals

USA Units
Crusader: Crusie
Humvee: Hummer, Humv
Tomahawk Missile Launcher: Tommie
Paladin: Pally,
Medical Truck: Med Truck
BullDozer: Dozer

Ranger: GI
Missile Defender: MD
Colonel Burton: Burton
Pathfinder: pfinder, sniper

F-22 Raptor: f22, raptor
Aurora: Aura
Commanche: Commie
Chinook: Chopper

Chinese Units
Battle Master: BM
Dragon Tank: Dragon
Inferno Cannon: Inf cannon
Overlord: Ollie, Ovie, Ol
Nuke Cannon: NC
Supply Truck: Truck
Gattling Tank: Gatt

Red Guard: RG
Hacker: nerds
Tank Hunter: rocket inf, rpg man
Black Lotus: Lotus, b lotus

MiG: This can't really be shortened!

GLA Units
Scorpion: Scorp
Marauder: rauda
Technical: Techie, Teccy
Toxic Tractor: Tractor
Rocket Buggy: Buggy
SCUD Launcher: scud
Quad Cannon: Quad
Bomb Truck: Truck, B truck

Rebel: reb, ff
Terrorist: terr
RPG Trooper: RPG
Jarmen Kell: Kell
Angry Mob: Mob
Worker: Slave

USA Buildings
Command Center: CY, CC
Cold Fusion Reactor: PP
Supply Center: SC, Depot
Barracks: Brx, rax
War Factory: WF, War Fac
Airfield: AFC, AS, AF
Strategy Center: Strat Center
Detention Camp: Det Camp
Particle Cannon: PC, Laser, Ion Cannon
Supply Drop Zone: SDZ, DZ
Patriot Missile: Patriot

Chinese Buildings
Command Center: CY, CC
Nuclear Reactor: PP, reactor
Supply Center: Depot
Barracks: Brx, rax
War Factory: WF, War Fac
Speaker Tower: tower, prop tower
Airfield: Seen anything?
Bunker: Bunk
Gattling Cannon: Gatt Cannon
Propaganda Center: Prop Center
Nuclear Missile Silo: Nuke

GLA Buildings
Command Center: CY, CC
Supply Stash: Depot, Stash
Barracks: Brx, rax
Stinger Site: Stinger
Tunnel: hole
Arms Dealer: WF, War Fac
Palace: palc
Black Market: Market(s)
SCUD Storm: SCUD (In context.)

Thanks: Shock, baumer, VEKrueger, Antz Stuff, Mark A. Daniell, Eric Danko, Ioannis Eliopoulos, Obins, Melanie Coxon, Alex Lawrence, Lee Braden, Enemy, MuSsEr & GungSeng for their contributions.

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