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» Hot-Keys

Knowing these hotkeys can shave those seconds off your build order, vital for early game rushes or defending those rushes. Complete memorisation may be a tad optimistic - but the opening sequence is easily possible and will benefit your speed. Also included are the basic commands.


Select a unit: Left click
Add a unit to selection: Shift + left click
Select all on-screen units of a type: E/ double left click
Select all units of same type on map: Double-tap E
Select previous/ next unit: Left/right arrow keys
Select previous/next Dozer/Worker: Up/down arrow keys
Select all combatants: Q
Create group: CTRL + Number
Select group: Number
View group: Alt + Number
Select group & jump to: Double-tap number
Last Radar Event: Spacebar
Jump to Command Centre: H
Fast scroll: Right click, hold, move

Force Fire: CTRL + Click
Attack move: A + Click
Guard: G + Click
Stop: S
Scatter: X
Waypoints: ALT + Click(s)
Formation: CTRL + F

Diplomacy/Communicator/Mission Objectives: TAB
Command Bar Displayed/Hidden: F9
Options: ESC
Screenshot: F12

Camera Bookmark: CTRL + F1-8
Go to bookmark: F1-8
Rotate Camera: [Number Pad] 4 = left | 6 = right; hold mouse wheel & move
Zoom Camera: [Number Pad] 8 = in | 2 = out; scroll mouse wheel
Default camera: [Number Pad] 5; click mouse wheel

Open chat: Enter
Team chat: Backspace
Place Beacon: CTRL + B
Units cheer: CTRL + C

USA STRUCTURES [Applies when Dozer or building is selected]

Command Center: C
Cold Fusion Reactor: R
 -Control Rods: C
Barracks: B
 -Capture Building: C
 -Flash bang: F
Supply Center: U
 - Chinook: C
Patriot Missile: M
War Factory: A
 - TOW Missiles: W
Airfield: F
 - Rocket Pods: P
 - Laser Missiles: L
Strategy Centre: Y
 - Bombardment: B
 - Hold the Line: O
 - Search & Destroy: D
 - Advanced Training: A
 - Composite Armour: C
 - Drone Armour: R
Supply Drop Zone: Z
Detention Camp: D
Particle Cannon: P

USA UNITS [Applies with construction building selected]

Ranger: A
Missile Defender: M
Col. Burton: B
Pathinder: P
Crusader: C
Humvee: V
Ambulance: A
Tomahawk: T
Paladin: P
Raptor: T
Aurora Bomber: A
Stealth Fighter: F
Chinook: C

China Structures [Applies when Dozer is selected]

[All Chinese buildings] Mines: M
Command Centre: C
Nuclear Reactor: R
 - Overcharge: O
Barracks: B
 - Capture Building: C
Gattling Cannon: G
Bunker: K
Supply Centre: U
 - Supply Truck: T
War Factory: A
 - Black Napalm: N
 - Chain Gun: C
Airfield: F
 - MiG Armour: A
Propaganda Centre: P
 - Subliminal Messaging: U
 - Nationalism: N
Speaker Tower: T
Nuclear Missile: M
 - Uranium Shells: U
 - Nuclear Tanks: T

China Units [Applies with construction building selected]

Red Guard: G
Tank Hunter: T
Hacker: A
 - Hack Internet: I
 - Disable Unit: D
Black Lotus: B
 - Capture: C
 - Vehicle Hack: V
 - Cash Hack: K
Battlemaster: B
Troop Crawler: T
Dragon Tank: D
 - Firewall: F
Gattling Tank: G
Nuke Cannon: U
Inferno Cannon: I
Overlord: O
 - Gattling Upgrade: C
 - Speaker Tower Upgrade: T
 - Bunker Upgrade: B

GLA Structures [Applies when Worker is selected]

Command Centre: C
 - Worker: W
Supply Stash: U
 - Worker: W
Barracks: B
 - Capture Building: C
Arms Dealer: A
 - Scorpion Rocket: K
Tunnel Network: N
Stinger Site: T
Demo Trap: D
Palace: P
 - Camouflage: C
 - Toxin Shells: T
 - Anthrax Beta: A
 - Arm the mob: M
Black Market: M
 - AP Bullets: B
 - AP Rockets: R
 - Radar Scan: C
 - Junk Repair: J
 - Buggy Ammo: A
SCUD Storm: O

GLA Units [Applies with construction building selected]

Rebel: B
RPG Trooper: G
Terrorist: T
Hijacker: I
 - Hijack unit: J
Angry Mob: A
Jarmen Kell: J
Scorpion: S
Technical: T
Radar van: V
Quad Cannon: U
Toxin Tractor: A
 - Contaminate area: C
Bomb Truck: O
 - Disguise button: D
 - Upgrade w/ High Explosive: O
 - Upgrade w/ BioBomb: B
Rocket Buggy: B
SCUD Launcher: L
 - Go to explosive: P
 - Go to Anthrax: A
Marauder: M

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