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Here are some interesting facts about C&C Generals that didn't quite warrant a mention in other areas of the site:

  • EA Pacific, not Westwood, are designing the game.
  • 40 people are in the C&C Generals Development Team.
  • The game is expected to cost between $10 million and $12 million to produce.
  • The release date is December 2002.
  • Work on Generals started after Red Alert 2 shipped in late 2000.
  • Generals is based upon modern conflicts inspired by events relevant to today.
  • Three distinct sides are featured in the game, with 10 missions per side.
  • Technical work on the new engine began in early 2001.
  • At first, the team considered using using the Quake engine, the Unreal engine, and LithTech.
  • For the game's internal proof of concept, the team took a number of Red Alert 2 units and put them on the 3D battlefield.
  • The team spent weeks debating the relative merits of a number of different modern-warfare ideas.
  • After the tragic events of September 11 unfolded, the team was forced to reevaluate whether it wanted to create a modern-warfare title.
  • Generals using a bottom status bar as opposed to at the side.
  • Even the multiplayer aspect of Generals was up and running in early 2002, with gray boxes taking the places of units that have yet to be designed.
  • The Sage 3D game engine created for Generals has been given to Westwood for an upcoming unannounced product.
  • The team visited a tank museum to help with their research process.

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