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» Ash's Generals Post-Release FAQ

In order of appearance...

1. FAQ'S
テつサ VM's
テつサ PlanetCNC's

2. Unit Information/Statistics
テつサ PlanetCNC

3. Q&A Pages
テつサ Chat Log - 50 questions answered
テつサ CNCDEN Q&A Page

4. Movie/Replay Download Locations
テつサ RenGen
テつサ CnCAmmo's
テつサ CNCDen
テつサ CNCSeries

4.1 Map Download Locations
テつサ There are enough bloody sites to choose from

5. Music Download Locations
テつサ Bill Brown's Official Tracks

6. What is the Officers Club?
テつサ Information on the Officers Club

7. What's going on with the ladder?
テつサ Information on the Ladder

8. Where can I form my Generals clan?
テつサ Clan making location (or lack thereof)

9. Map Making Tutorials
テつサ RVMECH'S Tutorials
テつサ EA's Tutorial

10. Modding Tutorials
テつサ Proclone's Tutorials

11. Playing new maps & viewing replays
テつサ How to do both

12. Creating an Account
テつサ TheMystic's helpful pointer

13. Downloading the Patch
テつサ Possible download locations

テつサ The requirements you need for decent play
テつサ Incompatible Cards

15. Troubleshooting
テつサ Where to go

16. Disabling intro movies & shellmap
テつサ Simple means of doing so

17. Using the Communicator
テつサ How to Add, Talk & er...Communicate!

18. Watching earlier replays
テつサ 2ool's program

19. Enhancing AI
テつサ RVMECH's "Almost Human" Script
テつサ ThudAI's Skirmish Scripts Version 0.2

20. Strategies
テつサ Where to get some top tips

21. Stopping Messenger (NOT MSN/WINDOWS)
テつサ Aside from receiving spam on it, it's useless


1. VM's FAQ - Updated by the CNCSeries Staff:

PlanetCNC's FAQ:

Question not answered ANYWHERE in that lot? Ask one of us in this topic then - many of us have the game!

2. Want descriptions for the units? Shortcut keys? Stats? Images? Check below:

3. This is a log where almost fifty questions were answered by community representatives. Read!

*Note: Now #cnc. Can be access at channel #cnc

Da Lion took a break from pizza and answered all these:

4. Where can I see some cool movies, replays and trailers?
Help rape Trans' bandwidth

Get them from here, too. Don't kill Trans.

4.1. Where to get some maps?

Just for some.

5. Where can I download the music?
At Bill Brown's Official Site!

6. What is the Officer's Club?
The Officer's club is a special, FREE, bonus for ordering the game before February 11th from participating retailers (EAStore, Gamestop, and EB). Here's what you get in the kit:

テつサ Secret Code that unlocks a couple of exclusive in-game elements for multiplayer games.
テつサ You get a unique Officers Club medal icon that is displayed prominently next to your name in the lobby as well as on your persona page.
テつサ You also get an exclusive Officers Club flag that will fly above your Command Center during online multiplayer games.
テつサ Interactive CD-ROM with concept art, movies, music and more.
テつサ Fold out cards with Generals map strategies and tech trees.

7. What's going on with the ladder?
In Generals, there is once again an Official Ladder - that is, sponsored by EA and this time run by CasesLadder. However, this time the fans have the ability to set up their own ladders using a 'Ladder Kit' provided by EA-P, and to run the ladder independantly - banning, resetting scores and so on of their own accord. 25 fansites (with more joining each week), with varying nationalities, are all working as one united team to create the best ladder possible, and all will be revealed soon...hint: - other ladders, from ClanWars, and TWarfare for example, are also in planning, and Clan Wars has recently put up a report-based Clan Ladder.

8. Where can I form my Generals clan?
At this moment in time, you cannot form a clan. However, it is certain that the ability will soon arise, so stay tuned to and wait for the announcement. It may well come with the Ladder Kit in some way.

For the time being, use Clan Wars' Clan Ladder.

9. I suck at mapping...any WB turorials?

Generals.EA.Com - Downloads -> World Builder

10. Also at modding! Any help here?

11. Help! How the hell can I play un-offical maps, and watch replays?!
For replays, just take the .rep file and place it into the \replays directory of C&C Generals Data.

12. Argh, what's wrong with my account? It's against me!
When you go to create an account you have to realize that you are creating an account with GameSpy Industries, NOT EAP / Westwood.
If you already have an email account registered with FilePlanet, ForumPlanet, GameSpy Arcade, etc. then you already have your own Generals account.
If you are registered with GameSpy, all you have to do is enter the email that you registered with GameSpy and then the password that you use with them.
That will allow you to enter. If you try to re-register using the email account that you've registered with GameSpy it will tell you that your password is wrong or that it is unable to create your account.

So again, only register a new account if you have never registered with GameSpy before. Otherwise, use the email address that you provided to GameSpy and the password for your GameSpy login.

*Info courtesy of [HEL]TheMystic

13. Where can I download version 1.06?
If possible use the Auto-Update. Connect to GOL and it should prompt you to download, or put the CD in and click "Check for Updates".
However, use this link if the Auto-Update procedure fails.

14. Will my computer run Generals? I have a....



  • Windowsテつョ 98, Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000, or Windows XP (Windows NT and Windows 95 not supported)
  • 800 MHz Intelテつョ Pentiumテつョ III or AMDテつョ Athlonテ「窶楪「 processor
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 8x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
  • 1.8 GB free hard disk space plus space for saved games (additional space required for Windows swap-file and DirectXテ「窶楪「 8.1 installation)
  • 32 MB video card using the Nvidiaテつョ GeForce2テ「窶楪「, ATIテつョ Radeonテ「窶楪「 7500 AGP video card, or more recent chipset with DirectX 8.1 compatible driver
  • DirectX 8.1 compatible 16-bit sound card
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • 1.8 GHz or faster Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon processor
  • 256 MB or more RAM
  • 1.8 GB free hard disk space plus space for saved games
  • Nvidia GeForce3テ「窶楪「 or more recent Direct3Dテ「窶楪「 capable video card
  • 256 MB RAM required for 3- to 8-player games
  • 56 Kbps or faster direct Internet connection
  • One set of game discs per player. Disc 1 and Disc 2 cannot be used simultaneously for multiplayer games.
  • Cable, DSL, or a faster direct Internet connection
  • One set of game discs per player. Disc 1 and Disc 2 cannot be used simultaneously for multiplayer games.
  • TCP/IP compliant network
  • One set of game discs per player. Disc 1 and Disc 2 cannot be used simultaneously for multiplayer games.
The following cards are incompatible:
  • Voodoo4
  • TNT2
  • Trident Blade 3D
  • Radeon Mobility
  • Kyro 2
  • Rage 128
  • S3 ProSavage
  • Radeon 7200
  • Vivid XS
  • Mobility M6
  • Quaddro4
  • Intel 810e
  • Mobility M4
  • Voodoo5
Note: The game will run on 500Mhz as proven; however; expect to see something like a slideshow on it.

15. Help! I'm getting serious error/crashing/etc!
Check out the Technical FAQ forum for most answers, or see if your problem is answered here by a forum member. Make sure it hasn't been previously asked though - I for one am very tired with the same questions!

16. How can I disable those intro movies and stop that resource-hogging shellmap?
On your desktop shortcut, right click and select Properties. You should see a Command Line - which will look *something* like this: "C:\\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals\generals.exe"

To disable the shellmap (background animation) and opening movies, add -quickstart to this command line. It should look as follows, with the location dependant on your PC - I've used an XP-like set-up.

"C:\\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals\generals.exe" -quickstart
Note that it's OUTSIDE THE QUOTES!

17. How do I use the Communicator?
Adding a Buddy: Make sure you are in the same Lobby as the person you wish to add, and then right click their name. In the menu that appears, click 'Add'. This will trigger that person's Communicator, and then they approve your request and then they have to add you - approve their request. Now their name will appear in your Communicator, and to talk to them, left click their name and enter your text in the field, and hit Enter.
To ignore or disapprove, simply do the same as above but choose the "Ignore" option.

18. Watching earlier replays
Get the Replay Converter at CNCDen's
Utilities Page.

19. How can I make the stupid AI, er, less stupid?
RVMECH's "Almost Human" AI script is at the DEN here with other useful scripts, too.
Alternatively, get ThudAI's script HERE!

20. Strategies

21. Messenger
How to disable messenger pop up ads* (WinXP):
  • Start
  • Run
  • services.msc
  • find messenger, double click
  • open the drop down box, go to disabled
  • click STOP
  • go to OK

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