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» GLA Terrorist Rush execution

Quite controversial is the subject of the GLA; are they unbalanced? In my opinon, they're not, they can pull off some amazing strategies and moves that make them the hardest to learn but sometimes most effective side. One of the most effective of these is the Terrorist Rush; often called the "terr rush".

The first thing I stress with GLA is not to expect to play them well over the period of a few days, it took me 3 months and lots of beta time to be as good as I CAN BE with GLA.

So let's get the ball rolling with a simple walkthrough of the Terrorist rush playing a good Chinese player - from the north on the simplest of maps known as 'Tournament Desert; the guide will be the same for south area but everything should be reversed.

Depending on the map there may be some variation on what you build first here, on some maps you may build a Supply Stash instantly, while some a Barracks to open would be a better choice and some you need to run to expansion with the 1st worker, but this is the step-by-step on Tournament Desert. Against China the text is normal; it's bold for a GLA player as the opponent. Only alter your strategy depending on whether you're playing a GLA or Chinese player, and use the requisite part. If a bullet point has only one part, then it applies to both opponents.

  • As soon as the game begins send your 1st worker down south a bit, not too much about half a screen's length. As soon as he has been ordered train 3 extra workers. Begin work on a barracks as far down south as you can visually place a structure at that point. Turn the barracks to face the opponent.
  • By now your 1st TRAINED worker should be out, immediately construct a Supply Stash facing the direction of the supplies (this is quite important with GLA as with china - Workers have to cope with the terrain unlike the airborne Chinooks). A good thing to do to save time is to create a rally point for each Worker that is to come as the worker that needs to go to the left has been trained rally it where it needs to go then change after.
  • Now, check how far your Barracks are built: it'll probably be around 40-70%.
  • Send 2nd TRAINED worker to the left where the secondary Supply Dock is and leave him to make his way there. (Note: on another map this is the equivilent of sending a Worker to the expansion site but on T.D they are close so isn't really considered a 'proper' expansion).
  • By now, your barracks should be completed - (if it is on 90%+ watch it and stay by it as you want to be focused on it as its built), right away train 2 Terrorists and rally the barracks to the middle of the small town piece in the map centre.
  • Right after you trained the terrorists construct a tunnel site by the barracks and a tunnel site where the worker on the left is (should be just below the 2nd Supply Stash by the trees.)
  • Send 3rd TRAINED worker to the Oil Derrick on the right.
  • As soon as the Supply Stash is completed start work on an Arms Dealer and train between 8-10 extra workers to fund you.
  • If funds are there you may now construct a secondary Supply Stash once the Worker has completed the Tunnel to the left (remember to train about 6 extra workers after it's completed).
  • By now the terrorists should be out and be running down into the centre - assuming nothing is there, and if there is an attempt at a Barracks rush and you lose the Terrorists it doesn't matter it's only $400 but it's highly likely the coast will be clear so early on.
  • Get the 3rd TRAINED worker to construct a Tunnel site at the choke point near the oil Derrick.
  • Capture the 2 cars either side of the 2 tall towers (on some maps there are more cars and on some there are none but always train 2 terrorists early on anyway.)
  • Send the car bombs in...preferrably let them strike any incoming dozers planning to take the middle..2ndly what I like to do is have them sit outside the war factory wait for the obvious gattler/flamer to come out and hit in damaging the factory too and slowing any tank rush down considerably as you can do it twice with both bombs.(note: there is a small forklift but I wouldn't bother it's too slow and weak may capture it and take it round the scenic route and do some damage its up to you).
  • By now the Arms Dealer should be almost done, as soon as it is done train a technical and a Scorpion tank and then a Radar Van... also while they're training, train 4-5 terrorists.
  • Now this next bit is probably going to be the turning point. Should it go well it very often spells doom for the opponent...if it fails it's not that fatal - about $1500 lost - but you should do some damage.
  • As soon as the technical is out send it to Barracks and fill it with the terrorists.. 4 is enough really. Send it along the right hand side and flank the opponents base before driving it by the enemies main supply building.... immediately ram the Terrorists into the building ( 4 will take it down and hopefully a couple of trucks too). Get the technical to pick up any leftovers and micro it to avoid enemies finishing off the remaining supply trucks.

    vs GLA: As soon as the technical is out send it to Barracks and fill it with the terrorists... 4 is enough really, and as this is against GLA, add a Worker too. Send it along the right hand side and flank the opponent"s base before driving it by the enemies Arms Dealer: not the Supply Stash this time. Immediately ram the terrorists into the building - 4 will take it down. The reason we don"t attack the supply depot here is because you can cut off GLA"s supply route by simply running the workers over, and once you"ve got his war machine he can"t stop you... so you can then eject the worker and build a tunnel.
    Chances are you"ll meet some light RPG trooper resistance... try and mop as many as possible. Should he have got a scorpion tank/technical or any sort of armoured unit out by then you have got a slightly harder task, but it just means you need to launch another attack this time on his supply... knock that out and you've really got the match.
    If that still fails to work, mop him up with some scorpions.
    Against GLA, the guide ends here.

  • Press the 'H' key to get back to base and research Scorpion Rocket Upgrade and train around 4-5 Scorpions.
  • Sometimes the game will practically end here.... you may have a teched up Technical that is evil to beat and can take out the base through a method of micromanaging...remember a heroic upgraded technical can beat ANY early chinese unit, including gattlers - so long as you handle it well.
  • If it hasn't..pump out as many Scorps as you can and attack a.s.a.p - chances are your terrorist rush crippled him.
This is how to do the important Terrorist rush, and create a thriving early base a GLA player MUST do one of these to have a chance of winning.

Since Tournament Desert is basically a template for what all other maps are based around, just use common sense: the one Derrick will be the Derricks on the map..the nearby expansion will be the nearest expansion on the map etc.


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