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USA vs China
This guide from xDaunt gives you a thorough and descriptive battle plan for when you come across a Chinese opponent as the USA. Included are three replays: one showing a perfect execution against a mediocre player, one which shows the need for adaptation, and the third comes with a detailed commentary as xDaunt faces off against a top player.

The underhanded, sneaky GLA can cause you a lot of problems - so this guide gives you three good build orders for the early game, how to control the mid-game, and lastly how to end it. Also included are tips on how to negate the threats of some of the GLA's most potent weapons.

USA vs China: Containment
Continuing to help improve your proficiency against the common Chinese foe, this guide goes into detail about newer, deadlier rushes and how to stop them and react with your own attack. Once again, build orders and other useful tips are included as well as what to look out for.

GLA Terrorist Rush execution
Rob "soadfan1" Hoods' first guide here discusses the much-loved Terrorist rush, with a concise build order to follow that covers every second of the game..because, if you do it right, it won't last long and those second are vital to success.

GLA vs MiGs
MiGs cause a lot of players problems, and are one of those units everyone hates when they're being used against them. In the guide Soadfan1 tells you GLA players what to do to negate that threat - and it may not be the solution you think.

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