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An affiliate to CNCSeries.Com is a site that is of good quality, but also one run by good people. We maintain friendly relationships with the staff of our affiliates, and are always willing to help out in any way possible. Affiliation is more than a link for some extra hits.

If you would like to request affiliation, please contact us. However, it's more likely to be Ash making the request to you.

RADen |
Webmaster: Lion
Affiliates since: March 2001
RADen has been running for years with Lion at the helm, providing more maps and missions for RA2 and YR than you can keep track of. As long as those games keep an audience, Lion will always be there to support them, and that is a very good thing.

CNC Den |
Webmaster: Lion
Affiliates since: December 2001
Lion's second site, covering the tiberian and Generals universe, is just as well maintained as RADen and one of the forerunners in the community. With more Generals maps then you can shake a stick at, along with the infamous RVMECH and other top mappers, this is one site you always visit.

CNC Generals World |
Webmaster: MicScoTho
Affiliates since: June 2003
Launched after C&C Generals was announced and our newest affiliate, MicScoTho and the staff are some of the friendliest people you're likely to meet, and our two sites interact well.

CNCReplays |
Webmaster: Maniac
Affiliates since: Late '03
CNCReplays is where a lot of the avid Generals & Zero Hour players meet to share replays of their performances, discuss strategies and the staff organise tournaments and so forth. A great place to get into the thick of things, and as a former admin myself [Ash], I can say the staff there do a great job.

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