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Any files submitted to CNCSeries.Com or its staff members become the property of CNCSeries.Com. We reserve the rights to modify the file as we see fit, to upload the file to our webspace, to release it to the public, to keep the file on our webspace for as long as we desire, to delete the file at any given time without any need for notification and to keep the file available even if you request the file is removed.

Websites are forbidden from externally linking directly to our files. If you are a member of a site and wish to inform your users of a file on our site, then you must send them to the page where the download link is for the file. Under no circumstances must you point directly to the file itself.

We take absolutely no responsibility for any security issues or technical problems that you may experience as a result of browsing this site and downloading its files. You browse and download files at your own risk. Files that you download may contain viruses. We do scan files and test them ourselves, but we cannot make any guarentee. However, it should be said that there is little point in being paranoid. The chance of any of our files containg a virus is negligible, yet possible nevertheless.

Excessive swearing and or badgering, or any other form of intimidation, is forbidden. By using the forum, your IP address is recorded. Your IP is a unique identification number that is given to you on your particular ISP, which ensures that you can be tracked and your ISP contacted if you misuse the forum in a serious manner. The posting of pornographic or 'sick' pictures is forbidden. Our forum has moderators who will all remove any offensive material upon seeing the post or being notified of it; they help to secure your privacy and make the forum a safer place for everyone.

Any information that is submitted to one of our staff members, be it in the form of an e-mail or via a form embedded on the site, belongs to CNCSeries.Com. The data may be stored in databases, published on the site or forwarded. We reserve the right to edit any information that you send us as we see fit. All information contained in any data submitted to the site is protected under the Data Protection Act. CNCSeries.Com will not release your information to any undisclosed third parties: we respect your privacy.

All content on the site is the intellectual property of the site's owner, Robert Bethell. Manipulation and or modification of any content on the site (includes text, html, images, java applets, php or any other form of data) is strictly prohibited.

If you modify any content from this site, then it will still belong to this site. You will be accountable for any punishments that may occur as a result of you breaking copyright violations. An example of the aforementioned is the removal of all data on the server upon which your site is stored on. We will not hesitate to take legal action if this proves insufficient.

If you wish to enquire about using any of the content of this site on your site (in which case only requests for small pieces of content are accepted), then you must place links to at the top and bottom of the page containing the borrowed content. The links must be clearly visible and bolder/larger than than the main text below/above. We reserve the right to tell you to remove any content that we have allowed you to use at any given time without any given reason. Contact Ash for further information.

Staff Issues
If you choose to apply for a job at this site, then we reserve the right to turn down your application without reason (though in most cases reason will be given). If your job application is successful, and you become a staff member, then certain rules are entailed. Any content, data, text, html, images or files that you submit to the site, become the property of the site. The aforesaid is emplaced in case any staff member leaves and requests that their work is removed; we will refuse to remove the work in nearly all cases - it is the site's property.

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