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This chat took place on Gamespy, before the release of Yuris Revenge. Fans were able to put forth questions to the developers. Some interesting answers.

<[Admin]Cobby> I'd like to Welcome Yuri's Dev team to Arcade
<[Admin]Cobby> we'll be taking questions on their behalf and posting them to the channel
Hey, all!
<[Admin]Cobby> To ask a guestion, please type /msg Cobby question and we will post on your behalf (time permitting)
<[Admin]Cobby> Care to introduce yourselves guys?
Frank Hsu, Producer
Geoff Finger, Programmer
Josh Taylor, Lead Artist
Sean Keegan, 3D Artist
And delphi community manager for RA2.. =)
<[Admin]Cobby> Alrighty then - let's get started!
(Geoff won our Yuri's Revenge tourney yesterday, too!)
<[Admin]Cobby> *frumpymonkey* Where did you come up with the story for Yuris Revenge?
<[Admin]Cobby> (please give me a when you're done
Also guys, I'm going to be picking guys out at random for cool RA2 prizes
It's a natural evolution of the original storyline. Yuri made us do it! d
<[Admin]Cobby> *nemio2000* Can you tell us something more about the mission on the moon?
We don't want to give it away, but this Soviet Mission is near the end and introduces many advanced, cool units d
<[Admin]Cobby> *AegisAlrt* Will there be a record game feature on yuris ?
It's a cool idea that we're looking into, but we can't guarantee it... d
<[Admin]Cobby> *[GSF]Some1else* hi, why do you expect people to pick up this expansion, story? missions? units? what do you, your self see as this expansions strong side?
hehe, they like to think about the questions. =)
The new, 3rd side changes gameplay dramatically
new game modes, better co-op maps,
new, interesting storylines,
and some really cool WOL features that players are really going to enjoy.
over 30 new units to explore,
lots of general improvements to the existing game.
<[Admin]Cobby> *Fahad999* question: Can the MIG spy planes be shot down?
<[Admin]Cobby> _hehe, they like to think about the questions. =)
<[Admin]Cobby> _The new, 3rd side changes gameplay dramatically
<[Admin]Cobby> _new game modes, better co-op maps,
<[Admin]Cobby> _new, interesting storylines,
<[Admin]Cobby> _and some really cool WOL features that players are really going to enjoy.
<[Admin]Cobby> the question was:
<[Admin]Cobby> *Fahad999* question: Can the MIG spy planes be shot down?
Both the MiGs and the Spy Planes can be shot down
<[Admin]Cobby> *Rob{1}* what is your favourite unit in Yuri's revenge guys? and why?
Chaos Drones and Magnetrons!
Chaos Drones stop tank rushes dead...
Magnetrons can do all kinds of cool stuff...
pick up units and drop them on other objects, destroy buildings, d
<[Admin]Cobby> *aalgernon* are there going to be any new IFV combos?
However, it's far more interesting to put units into Battle Fortresses now! d
<[Admin]Cobby> *saber07* could you explain more of how the chaos drone works?
Its gas makes all units within its range go berserk and attack each other. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *Zumbe* : How can a tank fit into a Soviet Battle Bunker? Is it like a garage? And what type of tank fits?
Saber07 Has just been sleceted to win a cool RA2 shirt and music CD! Check your private message for more info!
The Soviet Battle Bunker works like a garrisonable building that you can build and repair...
The Yuri Tank Bunker can accomodate any tank that you can control. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *__ATAC__bomber* how does yuri's side compare overall to the allies and soviets?
Well, the Yuri side is very powerful, but the Allies and Soviets have counters for everything,
especially if the Yuri player doesn't use well-rounded combinations of units. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *[GSF]NinjaHamster* How hard is it to live up to RA's legacy? Are you trying to raise the bar with Yuri or just provide an expanded experience?
Definitely, we're raising the bar. This is not just a mission disk!
We've expanded all categories of the game. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *Chippy* Question: Is Yuri going to make another comeback after this expansion? I'd hate to see him go, he's such a good bad guy. :)
Time will tell. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *Visker* Will The Battle Map Return So That You Can Attack Different Territories?
No, there is no battle map in Yuri's Revenge. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *bioterror* What will unholy alliance have in store for YR?
You get all 3 MCVs, and all the technologies they provide. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *wkfal* I was wondering if they are releaseing any screen shots with new units soon? Yes, we have new screen shots on the way. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *Aberu* this question is for josh taylor, where did you get your inspiration for the much more bionic look of the new units?
Our concept artists, TJ Frame and Phil Robb, came up with that inspiration.
They did their best to come up with a look that was unique to Yuri, yet still fits within the RA2 universe. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *JPMF* How many time did you spend on creating the new sprites and voxels for YR ?
Congrats to Aberu! He just won a copy of Emperor: Battle for Dune and RA2 t-shirt!
A Lot! It took 9 artists the length of the project to complete roughly the same amount of art that was done for RA2. d
<[Admin]Cobby> Raijinn_Circe_Fiur* will there be different gravity settings etc on the moon?
The moon's environment will seem appropriate. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *AegisAlrt* What will be the most versatile unit on yr in your Opinions?
For Yuri, the Magnetron (it can wreak havoc on both buildings and tanks)...
For Soviets, the Siege Chopper (gives them much needed air support and a more effective siege weapon)...
For Allies, the Battle Fortress (let's just say we're still finding new ways to exploit the combos). d
<[Admin]Cobby> *XQQQME* is the release still on target for the end of Sept?
<[Admin]Cobby> *Zumbe* Will the network code have changed at all i.e. to include anything but IPX?
Network code has been improved, but we still use the same protocols as RA2. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *grand_adm* How would you rank the difficutly of YR compared to previous C&C titles?
It's still accessible to the average player, but the depth of gameplay has increased...
for expert players, it can be an extremely challenging experience! d
<[Admin]Cobby> *InfernoXtreme* i know Ra2 has trianers that work online, and WW does have some of them.. Will YR's code stop those trainers and future trainers from working.. and I must say GREAT JOB, on everything you guys
We've addressed many of these problems and will continue to work on these issues even after release. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *S|oganzRC8|* question: What countries are you adding to multiplayer, and is there a Canadian u
We toyed with adding the Mountie unit, but the Moose AI never worked properly. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *aalgernon* how many new missions will there be?
14 single player, 10 co-op, and a ton of mulitplayer. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *Issvar* Will the average multiplayer game last much longer than now? Or will it still be possible to have a full game in 10 to 15 minutes?
Yes to both...
New units have been added to address the early tank rush,
gameplay is still as fast as RA2, but you have more of a chance to use advanced units now. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *jhaniff* Will any current units be altered, such as, their cost or strength?
Yes, minor adjustments have been made to preserve game balance. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *GeneralZhukov* question after this game where does westwood plan on taking the red alert series
Time will tell. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *Guy{1}* Can we expect to see new music?
Congrats to Zumbe! He just won a copy of Emperor, an RA2 t-shirt, and RA2 poster!
No, but you will be able to hear lots of cool, new music and sound effects.
Even original RA2 units received a sound makeover. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *Snow_Man* will Yury's revenge still use the final alert editor or will there be a new one?
There will be an updated one. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *ChronoGI* Will the abilities of Yuri Prime be changed in YR?
Yes, we've made him better, stronger, faster, and unique. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *MightyDak* What's up with that weird tattoo on Yuri's head?
Yuri found that nose rings and tongue studs interfered with his mind-control abilities. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *sealman27* will there be anymore secret units to get with the spy??
No, but Spy interactions are easier to understand. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *Raijinn_Circe_Fiur* Does the BF have the same combos as the IFV or different ones?
Different. Each guy inside a BF will shoot his own weapon. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *Pacur* will there be any new main characters?
Not in the movies, but Boris is a great new hero character for the Soviets. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *BDtrowa77* question Are you planning on making new models of older units? If so, what are your favorites?
No, all the RA2 units will remain untouched in their original, pristine condition. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *BaBaracus* How much is the expansion pack going to cost?
The expansion will run 29.95
<[Admin]Cobby> *qrudmonkey123* Will the AI be better and smarter than before?
Yes, with Yuri's new units, the AI is now more formidable than before. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *[GSF]NinjaHamster* How will gameplay differ [from other RA games] in Yuri? Can we expect some new surprises?
Congrats to Lupe, he just won a copy of Yuri's Revenge!
YR is fast-paced, and the only C&C game with a 3rd side. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *Ari Flores* Is there plane combat?
Some of the new aircraft can fight air-to-air. d
<[Admin]Cobby> *BuShWaCkY* How much new options will the new WOL Interface actually give us?
Lots! Quick co-op, persistent medals (that show your accomplishments),
displaying rank, sort/find functions, and tons of cool polish. d
<[Admin]Cobby> and our final question for this evening:
<[Admin]Cobby> *Gamatron* Question "Is Westwood still planning on attending locations in LA, Seattle and the midwest before the release of YR?"
We will be posting info on the Theater of War Tour soon!
Thanks for stopping by guys!!!!!
We appreciate all the support!
<[Admin]Cobby> That wraps it up. Sorry w couldn't get to all your quesrtions. It was difficult since we had a few people spamming me to death :(
<[Admin]Cobby> Thanks to the Yuri's Revenge Team for being here!

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