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Total Number of Reviews: 34 | Average Score: 7.49

PlanetCNC - May 11th, 2002- 8.5/10 - [ View ]

This game in general, although not truly award-winning material, still packs the punch that will make other companies worry if Westwood will try again. This first step, if developed upon, can truly throw Westwood into the competitive market of First Person Shooters. Westwood truly is a "Renegade" in this aspect, and it's always the underdog that the world has to worry about.

Armchair Empire - March 22nd, 2002- 7.4/10 - [ View ]

What would a real-time strategy Half-Life look like? How about a space sim set in the Space Quest universe? A massively multiplayer Leisure Suit Larry game? A tycoon game set in Land of the Dead starring Manny Calavera? I can almost guarantee that the gaming world will never see games like these (and arguably they should never be made).

HomeLan Fed - March 22nd, 2002- 8.2/10 - [ View ]

Overall, Westwood's first action game effort is enjoyable, and the multiplayer C&C modes are some of the most entertaining and different to come down the pike in a long time. However, there are a couple of chinks in Havoc's armor in the first go-round that could have been addressed had the game been given just a few more months in development. If Westwood decides to green-light a Renegade 2 let's hope they can get a game engine that's on a par with the latest in that area and make more of an effort to improve the single player game.

TBreak.Com - March 22nd, 2002- 7.3/10 - [ View ]

E3 is a gamer's dream paradise. New age consoles make their debut., jaw-dropping games are revealed and breath-taking sequels are announced. One such sequel was announced at E3 in the year 2000 by Westwood Studios. Now, the name \"Westwood"ť has become synonymous with the RTS genre, or to be exact the Command & Conquer series (which in turn led gamers to associate that name with the delectable Tanya.)

Games xtreme - March 21st, 2002- 8.5/10 - [ View ]

So is it worth buying, yes and no, yes for the great Single player game and if you enjoy the kind of Multiplayer that C&C Renegade offers "“ attack opponents base until destroyed or you're destroyed yourself. I will note you can't build new structures but the vehicles and units are all there (Except for the flyers at the moment) so it kind of comes across as a cheaper version of Team Fortress Classic (Sorry Westwood) and leaves you feeling a bit flat.

Gamers Pulse - March 20th, 2002- 7.9/10 - [ View ]

Command & Conquer: Renegade will probably appeal most to fans of the series. As a single player game, it is mildly enjoyable, but the game gets annoying in latter stages because of numerous technical and design issues that range in severity from minor inconveniences to substantial flaws.

Planet Special Edition - March 17th, 2002- 8.5/10 - [ View ]

Overall, if you're looking for something fresh in the way of multiplay, or if you're a fan of anything C&C, you'll dig this game big time. Renegade is a welcome departure from the overabundance of Quake 3 based games on the market right now. Although Renegade does have its share of rough edges, the pure fun factor it has more than makes up for it. Renegade doesn't disappoint!

CNN - March 15th, 2002- 7/10 - [ View ]

After many long years in development, "C&C Renegade" shows the world that you don't need sentimental war nostalgia, Nazis, or the "Quake III" engine to make a good first-person shooter.

PC-Gaming - March 17th, 2002- 7/10 - [ View ]

Making a Cross Genre game that is fun seems to be a difficult task for game developers. Many attempts to make a good cross genre game have failed in the past. It seems as though sometimes these games are too heavy in one genre area and a little to light in the other, or just don't mesh well together and end up making a confused and unmemorable experience.

Loaded Inc. - March 17th, 2002- 6.5/10 - [ View ]

To wrap up, Renegade was one game I was so looking forward to this year, it was up there in my top 10. Unfortunately Renegade turned out to be a disappointment and I'll admit I'm pretty gutted. Renegade needs that extra bit of polish, certainly more work on the AI and some of the graphics

Monkey Review - March 17th, 2002- 8/10 - [ View ]

1995 was the year Westwood managed to change real-time strategy games forever, and now after many years and a few decent follow-ups they have decided to take the plunge into the interesting and very challenging First Person Shooter games, will it be a rerun of 1995? Will Westwood Change the way we play FPS Games? Highly unlikely but the game is definitely a hot one in my books

Christian Computer Game Reviews - March 16th, 2002- 8/10 - [ View ]

I have played the original Command and Conquer game and it's pretty safe to say that this is completely different. Revolutionary even! It's still a strategy war game but you can get right in the middle of it first hand.

Gamezilla - March 16th, 2002- 9/10 - [ View ]

Command and Conquer Renegade isn't for those interested in realistic battle or high-end graphics. But if you're looking to have a lot of fun and hoping to try a different approach to first person shooters, this is your game.

Game Club Central - March 15th, 2002- 8/10 - [ View ]

You know when you have a good development company when the whole gaming community closely follows every project that they create. Valve and Blizzard are two in particular that fit that model very well. Then there is Westwood. Most of their success has been directly from the Command & Conquer franchise

Gameplanet - March 14th, 2002- 6/10 - [ View ]

Renegade's multiplayer mode is its best hope for a long term relationship with the gamers of the world and for FPS newbies Westwood have done rather well. The games main style of play is called \"Command and Conquer"ť mode and is a team based FPS version of the old school C&C skirmishes

The Gamer's Press - March 14th, 2002- 6/10 - [ View ]

Command and Conquer: Renegade captures the look and feel of the Command and Conquer games. Pity that it doesn't capture the fun.

Firing Squad - March 14th, 2002- 6/10 - [ View ]

Renegade is an idea that people have been slobbering over for years: Take the popular Command & Conquer universe and make a first-person shooter out of it. The C&C universe is a strong franchise known to PC gamers everywhere, so it makes sense to attempt to cross genre lines. Through its numerous incarnations and expansion packs just about everyone knows about the GDI, NOD, and Tiberium.

The Electronic Playground - March 11th, 2002- 5.5/10 - [ View ]

For the most part, however, Renegade offers some seriously stylish and fun action for anyone interested in first-person gaming, and an excellent translation of the C&C experience to an up close and personal viewpoint.

The Entertainment Depot - March 9th, 2002- 5.5/10 - [ View ]

In essence, Command and Conquer Renegade is a mediocre action title wrapped in the skin of a fantastic franchise. While it has its positives, there are more negatives present, and overall, the entire experience is underwhelming. While there is some sheer visceral fun to be had here "“ especially for Command and Conquer fanatics, who will find it a dream come true to be in the battle as opposed to directing it -- there's just too many significant flaws and too much forgiving required by the player to be enjoyed.

Frictionless Insight - March 9th, 2002- 7/10 - [ View ]

Renegade is not as innovative as other titles in the genre, but, for the most part, is presented with a surprising polish for a first-outing in the FPS world. The attempts to crank up the difficulty in the later missions are a bit clumsy. Surely there are better ways to challenge players than by placing instant death in every blind alley (perhaps by making the enemy AI smarter instead of just more powerful). Even so, it's probably worth finding your way to the end just so you can see all the parts of the extremely well done game cinematics.

Eurogamer - March 9th, 2002- 4/10 - [ View ]

To say that Renegade is disappointing would be a masterful understatement. The single player game is marred by incompetent AI, poor mission balance and some very linear maps, while the promising C&C mode is let down by dodgy network code. If Westwood can fix the multiplayer problems then it could be a lot of fun online, but in the meantime this is a game which is well worth avoiding for all but the most forgiving of Command & Conquer fans.

GamePro - March 9th, 2002- 8/10 - [ View ]

After many long years in development, C&C Renegade shows the world that you don't need sentimental war nostalgia, Nazis, or the Quake III engine to make an awesome first-person shooter.

Gamers Depot - March 8th, 2002- 9/10 - [ View ]

Years ago, Westwood defined the RTS genre with Command and Conquer. It gave you dominion over tanks, artillery, military buildings, and of course hoards of tiny soldiers who, at your bidding, rushed to attack the enemy without a thought of their own little lives.

Bjorn 3D - March 8th, 2002- 7/10 - [ View ]

Think back to when you last played Command & Conquer. Remember the far-off, zoomed out view of the battlefield, the stick-like soldiers emerging from the barracks and matchbox sized tanks crawling the landscape. Now imagine taking a skydive into that image and running around as a single unit amidst a fierce skirmish. That really is Renegade

CVG - March 8th, 2002- 6/10 - [ View ]

This is the gaming equivalent of those nutty scientists messing about with human DNA. What they've done is take the DNA of a real-time strategy game and inject it into a first-person shooter. The result? That depends on how big a fan you were of the C&C games on PC "“ and on how much you'll overlook the mistakes that come close to turning an interesting concept into a very middle-of-the-road shooter.

GUN [German] - March 7th, 2002- 8/10 - [ View ]

Westwood hat eine spannende Story erfunden und kann einen gut bei der Stange halten. Die nicht allzu schöne Grafik fällt meiner Meinung nach nicht zu negativ auf, da es zumindest viele schöne Explosionen an allen Ecken gibt

Battle Fields Network - March 3rd, 2002- 9/10 - [ View ]

Having been a fan of the Command and Conquer series, I had my reservations at Westwood Studios taking a massive leap into fps style game as a basis for the latest C&C game. But let me tell you right now - those reservations have been blown right out of the water.

UGO - February 28th, 2002- 8.5/10 - [ View ]

Instead of giving you an elaborate back story of the Command & Conquer franchise or sharing personal anecdotes as an introduction, let me lay all the cards on the table. Command & Conquer: Renegade is awesome. It rocks where it counts: In the gameplay. - February 26th, 2002- 7.8/10 - [ View ]

Overall, it's a fun game for single player.. for a while. If you could "rent" games, this would be under that category, but unfortunately you can't. It's not worth your hard-earned green, and it's as simple as that. Command & Conquer 2 was a joke, and although Renegade isn't as bad, it certainly isn't the series' savior. This game has some great potential, and will probably improve with a few patches. The multiplayer is a load of fun if you can get into a game, and the single player is decent.

Gamespot - February 26th, 2002- 7.8/10 - [ View ]

Furthermore, like all of Westwood's products, Renegade is also a highly accessible, impressively produced game, making it well suited for players who've wanted to get into shooters but have felt intimidated by their generally steep learning curves.

Gamespy - February 26th, 2002- 6.8/10 - [ View ]

In the end, Renegade isn't a bad game, but it's not a great one, either. It's a decent debut for a company that's never done a first-person shooter before, but I think we could hardly be blamed for expecting a much more polished product from an A-list developer with like Westwood, especially considering the game's long development period.

Games Domain - February 26th, 2002- 8/10 - [ View ]

Think back to when you last played Command & Conquer. Remember the far-off, zoomed out view of the battlefield, the stick-like soldiers emerging from the barracks and matchbox sized tanks crawling the landscape. Now imagine taking a skydive into that image and running around as a single unit amidst a fierce skirmish. That really is Renegade

Gamehelper - February 25th, 2002- 9.2/10 - [ View ]

Let's just go ahead and close the polls now. Why wait a whole year to find out that Command & Conquer: Renegade is the game of the year?

Adrenaline Vault - February 25th, 2002- 6/10 - [ View ]

Renegade was a game that I personally really wanted to see succeed. It seemed like a great concept with tons of potential to take such a well-established strategy series and port it to another popular genre. Sadly, it falls short of these lofty expectations, devolving into little more than a standard run and gun shooter with a few innovative features that aren't pulled off well.

MGON - February 25th, 2002 - 9/10 - [ View ]

By now just about everyone has heard about this little game called Command and Conquer: Renegade. Pretty much the only way you may not have heard about it is if you have been living in a cave or been hiding somewhere. Or perhaps you have had your head stuck in the Sim's for a little too long. Simply put Renegade is a first person shooter, Command and Conquer style

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