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Chem Sprayer:
Nod Black Hand soldiers who undergo higher-level weapons training are often promoted to Chem-warriors, a veritable chemical war machine in infantry form. These soldiers wield V2 "Venom" model Chemical Distributors, which spray lethal streams of highly volatile Tiberium compound. The weapon is based on a non-combat model used to to spray Tiberium fields with fertilizing chemicals. Deadly misuse of this model in the Tiberium fields inspired Nod scientists to modify the sprayer for combat use.

Known for her quiet, brooding demeanor, former Yakuza enforcer Sakura Obata prefers to do her talking with her body. Sakura is legendary for her stealth, earning her the high-ranking position of Nod General Gideon Raveshaw's personal bodyguard.

Even though Sakura once shared rations with Captain Nick Parker in her days as a Dead-6 Commando, her loyalty to the Nod cause runs deep. Perhaps this is explained by her shady past; Sakura is rumored to have been raised in the rigid, ultra-disciplined culture of the Yakuza, where devotion was rewarded handsomely and failure was often punished with death. Sakura supposedly became disenchanted with the organization, but she clearly carries the Yakuza code with her to this day - death before dishonor.

Sharp-tongued and tough-minded Nigel Grant was a former Special Boat Service operative for the British. Don't dare mention crumpets and tea; this Afro-English lad's formative years were spent toughing it out on the streets and in the pubs of London's south side. After service as an elite solider in the U.K.'s SBS, Gunner joined up with the GDI and the legendary Dead-6 Commando Detachment as a rocket soldier. At 6'6" and 274 lbs., Gunner doesn't complain about the heavy lifting. In fact, he doesn't complain about anything; the often caustic Brit gets the job done with a steady hand and a cool head and saves the shop talk for the pub.

With a brick of C-4 and a wry joke always at the ready, GDI Captain Nick Parker is a soldier's soldier. He's a seasoned - and salty - veteran of the GDI cause who prefers to work alone and take orders from no one. He likes big explosions and bending the rules, and his higher-ups at GDI have learned to tolerate Havoc's "unorthodox" methods. Besides, they've tried time and again to tell him what to do. Parker, the quintessential maverick, hasn't fully followed orders yet, which perhaps accounts for his stunning success rate.

Not to say that Havoc is reckless. The wise-cracking vet is GDI's most loyal agent, and his name is whispered in barracks with admiration and awe. It's just that Parker prefers his own way of getting things done. He's proven and re-proven to his stiff-collared GDI bosses that the Havoc way is the right way -- with a punchline and a smoking skyline.

Versatile, resourceful, and tough, this GDI soldier is much more than your average grunt. Privates carry the standard AR7 Condor chain gun, but others are trained extensively in different weapon types and combat disciplines, making them the most flexible units on the battlefield. Thus, the Minigunner officer may be the most common GDI unit, but he's also one of the most indispensable, as crucial in highly orchestrated assaults as he is for emergency defense. Minigunner officers are mentally equipped as well; these soldiers are trained to keep their cool during tense combat situations. .

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