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NOD Buggy:
This versatile all-terrain vehicle is as deadly as it is fast, boasting a machine gun turret for shoot-and-run tactics. To keep the buggy light on its wheels, it sports minimal armor, and is best used against infantry and other lightly armored targets.

An armor-plated behemoth designed to scoop up raw, volatile Tiberium, the harvester is slow and clumsy. However, its usefulness for steamrolling whole platoons of Nod soldiers is not to be underestimated. Hey, if you can't shoot 'em, squish 'em.

This heavily armored transport craft was developed to allow for amphibious assaults when enemy land defenses prove too entrenched. For GDI Captain Nick Parker, that means taking the scenic route to perform a back-door assault on the Nod regime. And with Parker behind the wheel, you can be sure he'll give "smoke on the water" a whole new meaning.

An aggressive attack vehicle refined by GDI engineers, the Hum-Vee is armed with a machine gun mount, making it perfect for routing infantry or taking out lightly armored targets. Its lack of armor makes it highly vulnerable to explosive weaponry, however, so "creative" driving may be required.

Originally designed for quick, efficient field deployment, the Transport Helicopter would provide transport for infantry. For Parker, it'll prove useful for quick getaways or surprise attacks.

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