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It was a standard killdrill for veteran GDI commando Captain Nick "Havoc" Parker: infiltrate the Nod base, take out the power with some C-4, grab some intel, and call in the Orca bombers to level whatever was left.

The mission went off without a snag, except that Havoc got more intel than he bargained for. The files he downloaded from the Nod mainframe reveal an unsettling plan. Kane's right-hand man, General Gideon Raveshaw, has kidnapped three key GDI research scientists and is using their knowledge of Tiberium for the mysterious Project: Re-Genesis.

As GDI agent Havoc, you've got to stop Raveshaw and free GDI scientists Dr. Ignatio Mobius, his daughter Sydney, and Dr. Elena Petrova. As one of Nod's highest-ranking officials, Raveshaw will be the deadliest foe you've encountered yet. In fact, he's almost as wily and brutal as his personal bodyguard Sakura Obata. Does that name ring a bell? It should. She fought by your side in your days in the Dead-6 Commando unit.

You'll be belly crawling across battlefields, sniping at Nod Minigunners, commandeering their vehicles and infiltrating sprawling Nod bases. And, if everything goes as planned, those bases will be going up in huge balls of flame. All in a day's work for commando Havoc. Time to rock 'n roll.

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