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» Interview with Malc - Second Wave

Conducted by: Ash

Second Wave at CNCMatrix.Com

What gave you the motivation to create Second Wave, and the ideas?
When I use to play Redalert 2 I use to look at mods like Deezire, Aftermath, Mooman rules and TechWar and it really got my mind going, when Generals came out I was determined to make a mod. The first few betas of SecondWave were really me just playing about and seeing what could be done. What's coming soon is much, much better. =)

A GLA base gets on the wrong side of, er, seemingly everything.
Are you enjoying working on it, or is it a tormenting procedure you'd rather be done with?

I love working on it, I sometimes find myself up to the wee hours of the morning working on something and time just flies by, the only bit which is tedious and tormenting is when I try something and I get an error. It involves going through everything I've recently done it sux =(

How far do you see it continuing? Will neat units and additions just keep arriving until a freak lightning storm burns off your hands?
I really want to keep this mod alive, the UK side which we're currently working on should keep us occupied for some time as after we release it there will always be bug fixes and new units and tweaks added and who says that we have to stop adding sides with the UK? As far as I can see Generals can have many, many more sides.

How long would an average unit or structure take to create from just an idea? Some of the models look very tidy.

GMTV did forecast rain, but nothing of this extent.
On average if each person has the time to do a unit it will take roughly a day or two to model it, another day or so to Skin it and then maybe another day to get it boned. Then we get to the coding which takes a couple of hours to tweak it to how we want it. It would take a lot less time if all the team lived in the same time zone, we have team members in US, Canada, Australia and UK and maybe a few more I left out.

How have you found the editing system? Is it something I could do, for example, or would you need a brain?
Like all forms of coding from HTML to C++ once you have the logic of the code in your head it all fits together. The Generals code isn't complicated if you actually sit down and have a look.

The UK seem to be arriving in force. A little home pride there?
Hehe, yep definitely I'm a big fan of the UK Military, also with the recent war in Iraq the rest of the world has got to take a look at the professionalism of the UK armed forces which is often over looked.

Are you pleased with the current success of Second Wave?

11,000 downloads? Whats not to be pleased about the mod is doing great and as I said above what you saw before was nothing.

How do you test each addition for balance?
We haven't done much todo with balance yet we're just putting in settings that we think work then play testing them and changing to suit. When we go to beta we will be working from the feedback of the testers.

Lastly, are those rumours about the team of enslaved monkeys being forced to work on the mod true? 'Cause if they are...
Who told you that! Monkey going to get a beating.

Oh dear, I think I landed those monkeys in deep...ah well. Thanks to Malc for his time!

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