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» LOTR Mod Team Interview

Conducted by: Ash

Q. Let's follow tradition, and begin by me asking you a little about yourselves.

Unidentifiedname: Well... I am James "Unidentifiedname" Cheng, aged 15, from Hong Kong, which is part of China - and NOT Japan.
I joined this community 3 years ago, as a forum member of the DeeZire mod forums, and I started my news posting career not long after that. Ever since then I've been addicted to this great community.
I am staff of several sites, including CnC Matrix and Renegade Generals. I am also the 6th webmaster of CnC: Unleashed together with Jaffry, and leader of this total conversion despite my questionable knowledge of modding.
DJ Jaffry: I am from Scotland, round these parts most folks call me Steve (mainly because its my name). I have been in the community for quite a while, just after the release of Red Alert 2 when I wanted to submit a map to Raden to be exact.
Since then I been here and there involved in various things but mostly ranging in Macromedia Flash. Originally I done some work for CNCNZ before joining up at CnC Sector and quickly became the co-webmaster with Jamie.
After a site merger I was working at WW:U (now CNC:Unleashed) all the while working with CNC King to build the first CNC Generals clan, the GCX. Since the GCX closure I have decided to take the task of building a LOTR RTS which I know many people want to see, and of course play =)

Q. Now to the mod...what made you choose LOTR as the theme over countless other possible alternatives?

DJ Jaffry: Well for me it was simply how much I was amazed and entertained by the trilogy, and after playing the game on the ps2, I was totally hooked and wanted more. Already being a fan of the RTS genre, I wanted to see the trilogy become part of it. That is when Uni suggested instead of waiting for someone to go ahead and make it, we should take action and do it ourselves.

Q. How many of the species/races/creatures from LOTR are going to make it into the mod?

Unidentifiedname: For version one of the mod, we are going to have two main sides - the Human Alliance and the evil side which will mainly consist of Mordor units. We will then divide that latter one into Mordor and Isengard in version 1.5.
Since we're implementing DeeZire's Generals system, each side will be divided into three 'Generals' (sort of like the minor gods of Age of Mythology) - including the Human general, the elven general and the dwarven general for the good side, and the orc general, human general and Sauron for Mordor. Since I don't want Ash to be mad at me for babbling too much, visit our LOTR mod site for more info.

Q. Will similar alliances be present, or is it going to be a raucous free-for-all battle?

Unidentifiedname: Since the Alliance, Mordor and Isengard were never really fond of each other, I don't think that there will be any new alliances or anything like that. The 'racuous free-for-all' battles will be available in skirmish and online mode.

Q. So far, what's the favourite part of the mod for each of you?

Unidentifiedname: The part which I'm involved in - that is the ideas part, as well as bossing Jaffry around. I also enjoy learning from my fellow staff.
DJ Jaffry: So far the mod is not playable, so without being too biased I would say that the site is my favourite part of the mod so far =)

Q. Well of course, the Flash is something to be proud of. How far along is the mod?

Unidentifiedname: Our progress could be viewed from different perspectives... If you look at the out-dated *hint to Jaffry...* progress bar of CnC: Unleashed, you'll see that we nearly haven't done anything. However, I believe that we've been through the most difficult part - that is agreeing on the ideas, so I reckon that we're about 20% complete. DJ Jaffry: We are hoping to bring a couple of LOTR themed game modes to multiplayer, to make *new ways to play* so you can get the most out of both Generals and LOTR all at the same time.

Q. Lastly, as Uni is nearly dying here - why should people get THIS mod above any other?

Unidentifiedname: In my humble opinion, every total conversion mod is a masterpiece, and they are definite worth checking out. Moreover, due to our totally democratic policy in making the mod - that is, allowing everyone to express their ideas during the initial planning, this mod will be suitable for nearly everyone who's a fan of LOTR.
DJ Jaffry: We are hoping to bring a couple of LOTR themed game modes to multiplayer, to make *new ways to play* so you can get the most out of both Generals and LOTR all at the same time.

Of course, of course - get the mod that suits you. Check below for some screenshots, and the link to the official site to see much more.

Visit the Official site.

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