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» Interview with Phil of Blitzkrieg Mod

Conducted by: Jim

I recently had the chance to interview Philip Timm from the very well known mod Blitzkrieg which recently came online after a long absence. After exchanging a few emails, Phil not only agreed to do the interview, but also agreed to give out some new screenshots - Exclusively to CNCSeries.Com! What a guy!

Jim: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

Phil: Well My name is Philip Timm, I'm a 15 years old Dane currently living in England. I came up with the idea for the Blitzkrieg Mod, and am now it's chief director. I have been working on the mod for about nine months, but 3-4 months ago we began all over. (Due to the release of Yuri's Revenge)

Jim: I understand that Blitzkreig had some server troubles, do you have a new website up?

Phil: Yes! Our former server was hacked so we were down for quite a long time, during this time we focused on rebuilding the mod, so we should be ready with a public release quite soon. The new Website can be found at:

Jim: Which sides are currently included, or which do you hope to include?

Phil: The Allies, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union ... We had plans about also including the Empire of Japan, but they might not be realised.

Jim: What do you think will be revolutionary about your mod?

Phil: The size and general quality of it, right from the beginning my aim was to create a mod which would be as good and different as a whole new game. Also we hope to include features which haven't been seen in other Mods before, such as an effective dog-fighting logic.

Jim: Are you worried about including the German side in your game? Do you feel it could in anyway promote the relative stances of the sides involved?

Phil: Not Really, I do know some people might find it morally wrong creating a game on a war where millions of lives were lost. I don't find it wrong though, after all I think it is just as bad playing games such as Counter Strike where you can run around shooting Police forces.

We can try to close our eyes and censor everything, but I believe that is worse. I don't think including the German side is wrong morally or anything else, after all the German people of the Nazi state fought for a cause they believed in at that time and you have to respect that, however wrong it was on reflection. I do find the German achievements through out the war very impressive, like how they quickly conquered most of Western Europe, extremely large parts of Russia and at the same time were able to fight Britain and America in Africa: But this doesn't excuse the premise behind their expansionism. We shouldn't close our eyes to what have happened but learn from it, and make sure it won't happened again, making it "illegal" to show what once happened is more wrong then anything else in my opinion.

Jim: Will we be able to control "Super-Weapons" such as a V-2, Jet Fighters, or the Atomic bomb?

Phil: Yes you will be able to: The German superweapon is a V-2 rocket which works like the Nuclear Missile in Red Alert 2, but it only destroys the target it was pointed at, eg.A tank or structure. Also the Atomic bomb will be available, as the allied superweapon, it's a kinda paradrop, but what will be dropped is a single bomb, an "old skool" A-bomb. Russia has no such superweapon.

Jim: Some personal preferences coming in here, will I be able to sink the Graff von Spree in Blitzkreig?And the Tirpitz and Bismarck? :-)

Phil: You might be, but that is far from for sure. I will be able to answer this once we begin on the Campaigns.

Jim -Will you have a "Radar" or equivalent in your mod, or stick with the "Fog of War"

Phil: When a radar has been build the whole map will be revealed, however sneak attacks are still possible as infantry isn't invisible on radar.

Jim: Why did you choose to make a mod of WWII, which is already saturated by wargames?

Phil: WWII is a very interesting era, technology and patriotism was really at work throughout the war, and the size of the war alone is almost beyond belief. I actually started this mod as a personal interest as, ever since RA1 I had dreamed about a WW2 mod in Command and Conquer style - so it stemmed from my interest in this conflict.

Final Thoughts: Some very mature and thought out answers there, and it makes me sure this man knows what he's on about. Blitzkrieg looks wonderful, as do these screenshots, exclusive to CNC For more details be sure to check out The Official Blitzkrieg Website

Exclusive Images:

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