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» Interview with Aaron of WWEXP

1. Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Aaron and I am the Webmaster of the site Westwood Experience [WWEXP]

2. Your site has many solid links to other webmasters and site staff. Do you feel cooperation is better than rivalry in an online community?
Yes, I feel cooperation is better why fight over such little things there are more things going on in the world you should be worried about than fighting about which site is better etc....

3. Do you think it strengthens the community as a whole?
Yes I do

4. Why did you choose to branch out into all Command and Conquer games?
Well at the time I had RA2 Experience, Dune Experience,Renegade Experience and I was opening up Tiberian Sun Experience and I could not find staff for them all so it would be easier if i merged them all.

5. Do you think that Emperor: Battle for Dune was just a trial run for the latest command and conquer title?
Hmm... I never heard anyone put it that way. No, I don't think so.

6. How long do you think it will be before Renegade sites start to take over from Red Alert 2 ones?
I think after Renegade has been about a while they might surpass RA2 sites. There are a lot of RA2 fans;)

7. Will you be crying on that day? :-)
Not Really LOL ;) ;P

8. Will your site be focusing on Renegade?
It will focus on RA,RA2,YR,Renegade,Emperor Battle For : Dune,TS,TFS and any new game coming from WW:):):):)

9. I understand you had some teething problems with your download scripts, are the bugs ironed out now?

Thanks for your time.

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