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» Interview with Lion of CNCDen/RADen

I recently had the pleasure of asking a few question to the living legend of the Red Alert 2 community: Lion of RADEN and CNCDen. Taking this opportunity, I decided to go for a full spread of questions - covering everything about his series of sites.

1. First Lion, I need to ask the question that Zen-Buddhist philosophers have pondered over for a millennium: How do manage to run two top quality sites, make superb YR maps, and beta test renegade?

Lion: Well Jim...My secret? Da Lion never sleeps! Seriously though, I really DO have a love for Westwood games. If I wasn't a true fan, I would have left the community a long time ago. So I'm self-motivated to do this day in and day out. I'm in my sixth year and counting. I do want to add that my sites would not have grown without the GREAT support I get from other webmasters and fans of our community, and the BEST staff a webmaster could ever ask for. One more thing I want to mention. I have had the same host for the past two years. Dustin Oder of keeps my sites online and running.
He's been a good friend and very supportive to me, going out of his way to help.

2. With the "Den Games Network" expanding to cover more and more of Renegade, do you think RADEN's days might be numbered?

Lion: It's days would be numbered if I were to neglect the site. But that will not happen. I do realise that as time passes, the popularity of Red Alert 2 will somewhat subside, and the number of fans supporting and visiting RADEN will fall. Having said that, I plan on supporting any future games Westwood decides to develop for the Red Alert Universe of games. So RADEN will live on no matter what it takes. I will see to that personally.

3. Have you got Renegade preordered? :-)

Lion: Of course...if you cut me, I bleed Westwood green =)

4. Who do you think Renegade will appeal to most: CNC Gamers, or FPS players?

Lion: In my opinion Renegade is a crossover game. It has great action with the element of strategy built into it. So it will appeal to both Westwood RTS and FPS gamers alike. And what true Westwood fan would pass up the opportunity to see CNC Up close and personal!

5. Have you got forums on CNC Den?

Lion: Sure do. Actually, it's a shared forum with RADEN. Den Network Forums: check them out here.

6. Will you be supporting the Renegade mod community when it arrives?

Lion: Yes I will. In fact, I believe the modding community plays a major role in keeping fans interested in a particular game. I already have staff on CNCDEN that will be making maps and mods for Renegade, and of course I'll host fan mods and maps. In my opinion, the modding community that will be supporting Renegade will grow larger than any we've seen in past Westwood games.

7. As somebody who's been playing the beta for a while; do you think Renegade lives up to the hype?

Lion: I never liked the word 'hype'. I believe Renegade will live up to the fan's expectations. I've been involved with beta testing Renegade for almost two months now. The game is solid. Renegade multiplayer is action packed, exciting, and very addictive, not to mention replay value. It has all the ingredients needed for success.

Thanks for your time lion

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