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» True War Creators Interview

Here's a short interview I had with the Team behind True War, regarding not only their mod, but Red Alert 2 in general.

Jim - Do you accept the exchanges between "True War" and "Real Combat" have harmed both mods?

True War Team - I think only Real Combat was harmed, because the rules editor (Rob) and their voxel editor (Phoib) left.

Jim - What is your favourite unit in "True War"?

True War Team - The 9K79 Tochka! -It still rocks when it fires it's huge ballistic missile!

Jim -What changes are planned for the Yuri's revenge edition?

True War Team - There are a couple of chances, these are the most important:

  • Nuclear weapons added
  • Better Urban Combat
  • Trenches and other obstacles
  • Infantry able to fire out of firing ports on IFV's (Bradley, BMP etc).

Jim - Do you have any plans to make new SHP's for the infantry?

True War Team - We are currently searching for a method to display infantry in such a way, so they are recognizable, even at high resolutions

Jim - Why did you choose to base your mod in the present, rather than another flashpoint of the cold war, say the Cuban missile crisis?

True War Team - There were some thoughts about basing the mod in the early 90's, around Desert Storm. However, Iraq didn't (and still don't) posess any weapons capable of countering a US attack, so it would be a dull game. At other periods, we couldn't find much information, while we can find a lot of info on the military in the present. And, maybe in the future, game modes will appear in which units from such flashpoints will appear.

Jim -Do you think the future of the Red Alert 2 mod community in general is under threat from Renegade?

True War Team - No. There is a difference between a RTS and a 3d shoot-em-up, and most gamers who stuck to RA2 in the past year will keep sticking to it, at least untill Tiberian Twilight appears.

Jim -Would you consider switching to Renegade when it comes out?

True War Team - No. I want to finish the mod for RA2 first. I have some friends however who are quite good at editing 3d games, so maybe they can make a head start.

To read a review of the True War Mod, head over here.

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