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» Eagle Red: The Future Interview

Earlier in the week I had the opportunity to interview Eagle, head of the Eagle Red Mod a few questions about the future of his mod.

Jim - Eagle, can you first clarify what the future holds for Eagle Red?

Eagle - Well, I think it's safe to say that the RA2 version will soon reach it's final release. I'm going to release 1.55 that has a few bug fixes in it and after that 1.6 will be made containing a huge AI upgrade. The YR version, however, is far from finished. The new engine enhancements have given me a lot of new material to chew on. In fact it gave me so much I'm going to make a whole new side with it! Too bad the engine doesn't support four sides so I am going to replace Yuri's side with my own. The planning is almost complete but the actual work has yet to start. But I can say already, this side is gonna rock!

Jim - Many people, mostly top players, have claimed that the institution of the Yuri side has unbalanced the game. Do you agree with this, and if so, will you make your custom side less powerful to even the game?

Eagle - Is Yuri's side unbalanced? I'm not surprised. The Allies and Soviets each have at least 20 more units then Yuri. I was going to simply add the ER features to YR. What's the point in making all new units for Yuri when I'm going to remove that side?

Jim - With the release of Renegade, do you think that Red Alert 2 / YR modding will come to a close?

Eagle - No, because Renegade is a totally different game then RA2 / YR. FPS modders will go to Renegade. RTS modders will stick with games as RA2 / YR.

Jim - Why do you think the YR edition will be the best Eagle Red ever?

Eagle - Because it's normal that the newest release is always the best release ever. Most of the time that is...

Jim - I was thinking more along the lines of a preview of some new units....

Eagle - The new engine enhancements of the YR engine, my own ideas and some old TS leftovers results in a full list of technologies that the new side will use. A few examples: napalm, plasma, chaos, railguns. And that's not even half the list I've got in mind...

Jim - With Red Alert 2 / YR generally accepted to be coming towards the end of it's lifespan, do you see yourself being around if and when Tiberian Twilight comes out?

Eagle -Tiberian Twilight? That's the sequel to Tiberian Sun, right? I dunno. It depends on when it comes out, if I like the game and how moddable it is.

Jim - You have mentioned that in the next versions of Eagle Red YR there will be "substantial AI changes"; do you think the TS engine is capable of handling intelligent enemies?

Eagle - The AI of a game can be good or bad, it's always stupid... For the TS engine that is. It's just doing what it is told. I don't think that's gonna be a problem for the game. I'm just doing what I can with what WW has given me. And I can tell you for sure, WW could have made the AI a whole lot stronger, but they didn't. So I'm gonna do it for them...

Jim - Thanks for your time Eagle.

Head on over to Eagle Red's Website to download this superb mod, and stayed glued to the CNCSeries.Com homepage for all the latest updates.

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