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» Chris Rubyor Interview

Conducted by: Rob

I've conducted a short Q & A session with Chris Rubyor, Westwood's Ra2/YR Community manager:

Rob: We haven't heard much news on the second Yuri's Revenge patch.. could you give us some information on what's being worked on and any ETA?
Delphi: Nothing is currently planned, but we'll keep ever posted if this changes.

Rob: Are there likely to be any more official map packs released soon?
Delphi: Yes, we plan to release a new map pack once a month for the next six months.

Rob: Are there any Yuri's Revenge events (e.g. WW Vs. The World/Developers Chat) planned for the near future?
Delphi: We'll continue to update the website with news on a daily basis with tons of goodies.

Rob: Is there any possibility of a second expansion pack for Red Alert 2?
Delphi: Nothing is planned at this time.
Well, some interesting answers, make of them what you will!

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