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» Jacko3334 Interview

Conducted by: Rob

I recently managed to convince my good mate, and fellow clan member, Jacko (WOL Name: jacko3334) to take ten minutes out of his time to answer a few questions. Jacko is a great player and I have bore witness to that. He has been ranked as high as #2 this month which is proof enough of his talent at this game. I hope that this interview give's you an interesting insight into the opinions and thoughts of a top RA2 player.

Rob: 1) What is your highest rank this month and what is your rank as of this moment?
jacko3334: My highest rank was #2 and it is currently #27.

Rob: 2) How bad do you think the cheating situation is on WOL at the moment? Do you use any programs (I.e. XWIF/XCC Cheat Reporter) to combat cheats?
jacko3334: I do not think it is as bad as it could be, but still about 50% of top players use it unfortunately, I use XWIF to make sure my opponents in QM are not on the blacklist.

Rob: 3) What is your advice to anyone wanting to get into the top 100?
jacko3334: The most important thing is not to panic And never lose your concentration for a second- one paradrop you don't see can cost the game.

Rob: 4) Are you a Soviet player or an allied player - what is your opinion on rushing?
jacko3334: I am a soviet player, my opinion is that rushing requires a heap of skill to pull of successfully, like micro management of tanks, mixing distractions drive by shooting etc. Basically if you don't attempt to rush you will never make it very high. And everyone near the top rushes, and if you don't prepare for it, it's over.

Rob: 5) Who is the best player that you have ever played and why?
jacko3334: The best player that I have ever played would be soonthorn, I know some people think that he bails out before 3 minutes. But he will never give you a spare time to think, he is always there with a rocketeer rush to power plants or a well placed paradrop or a horde of grizzlys/mirages. I guess that's why he is always top 5.

Rob: 6) What clan do you play for and why?
jacko3334: I play for R2W clan which is red2world's own clan. I play for it because it is usually high ranked and I play well in 2v2's with the other clan members (e.g. Rob), and they [the other clan members] are good people.

Rob: 7) Why do you prefer Soviets over allies?
jacko3334: As soviets i find there to be much less risk to building that first miner out of the war factory, which will get you a great economy going on, and the security of the terror drones to eliminate his rush before it gets anywhere near your base. And then theres flak, now who would use rocketeers against flak And then there's always the mighty drive by tank rush (my personal favourite).

Rob: 8) How did you get so good?!?
jacko3334: Well i am still learning and I get embarrassingly 'owned' still but I got to this level after 10, yes 10, months of quick matching and learning the strategies of the legends of the game.

Rob: 9) How long does your average game last for? And what are the shortest/longest games that you've ever had?
jacko3334: Well any games that go for less than 3 minutes are not counted in the ladder system so a few good points have been lost that way But the majority of my games go for 4-12 minutes depending on the map, skill of the player, how good I am on the day etc. The shortest game I have won is 3:01 - he was trying to abuse the 3 minute rule!! And my longest would have been back in my newbie days at around 2 hours..

Rob: 10) And, finally, how many times have I 0wned you?
jacko3334: In tournament you have never 'owned' me, however in friendly matches which do not have as much tension and therefore much less skill required you have owned me 3 times.

Rob: Excuses, excuses ;) - Thanks for your time Jacko!

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