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» Yuri Structures

There are 14 Yuri Structures in Yuri's Revenge.

The Gattling Gun:
At its best, this stationary anti-air and anti-infantry weapon is a deadly defense that can chew up incoming lines of infantry, tanks and even air units. With variable firing rates, the Gattling Cannon spins its barrels faster the longer it's in use during a combat situation, making it deadlier the longer the conflict lasts. While it's vulnerable to hit-and-run tactics and fast assaults, the Gattling Cannon is overall a formidable defense weapon against both air and ground targets.
The Psychic Dominator:
The Psychic Dominator is the pinnacle of Yuri's insane forays into the dark recesses of mind-control research. After countdown, the Psychic Dominator sends out an ultra-concentrated mass brainwave that quickly engulfs all units in the targeted area and puts them permanently under control of the Yuri player . Units can then be told to attack their own base or attack each other. Either way, the result can cripple an enemy if used correctly. The only units not affected are friendly units, units that are psychic-immune, and units inside urban combat buildings or tank bunkers -- and they'd probably do well to run for cover.
Yuri's Barracks:
This is where all of the infantry in Yuri's psychic army and bought and trained..
Genetic Mutator:
This low-grade superweapon is yet another result of Yuri's research into biological weaponry. The Genetic Mutator is a giant machine which warps the genes of infantry. Instead of killing them, the Genetic Mutator instantly restructures their DNA and transforms all infantry into Brutes under Yuri's control. If you've scouted the enemy base well and noticed your opponent has a healthy mix of infantry and tanks, fire the Genetic Mutator. Your newly formed Brutes will make minced metal of the enemy tanks. All other non-human infantry, such as Attack Dogs, don't turn into Brutes -- they just die an excruciating death
Psychic Sensor:
The psychic sensor now serves the purpose of being Yuri's Radar. The soviets loose access to the psychic sensor.
Tank Bunker:
This Yuri structure allows any tank or vehicle to be garrisoned within it - it can be repaired and prevents enemy ground units from attacking the vehicle within until the bunker is destroyed.. the unit places inside the bunker is still capable of firing even when it is garrisoned within - this structure is primarily designed for stopping the dreaded (but delightful to some) tank rush.
Accuse Yuri of being a heartless maniac, but don't accuse him of not recycling. With the Grinder, Yuri can send in a mind-controlled unit and cash "˜em in for extra pocket money. What happens to the unit? Well...never mind, stop talking and eat already. This building rewards the aggressive Yuri player, who can boost his economy considerably and get an edge on the race up the tech tree by wisely "cashing in" enemy units that aren't useful on the battlefield.
Bio reactor:
The Bio Reactor is Yuri's standard power plant. However, Yuri cannot live on electricity alone, and must feed the Bio Reactor with infantry units to get additional energy to meet his base's voracious power needs. Up to five infantry units can provide extra "battery" power for a Bio Reactor, providing the building with up to an additional +20 in power. Thus a Yuri player would do well to go on the offensive early to harvest enemy units and save himself a few credits that might otherwise be spent on another Bio Reactor. Note that the units placed inside the Bio Reactor do not die; in fact, if a Bio Reactor is destroyed, the freed units will appear, instantly controllable by their original owners.
Force shield:
Another superweapon, the force shield is a single shot defensive measure that, for a few seconds, puts up a force field around the base. This shield will protect from all superweapon attacks while it's active, but once it powers down, it will completely drain the base of all its power, leaving it vulnerable to attack. When used precisely, however, the force shield can be a lifesaver. Every single side has this weapon - which has no actual structure but requires that a battle lab is built to access it.
Psychic Tower:
The Psychic Tower puts a spin on an old adage: "You won't beat me, you'll join me." The Psychic Tower does just that, automatically taking control of the first few units that come within range. Not only is the Psychic Tower an excellent defense against assault -- and for grabbing enemy Spies -- but it's also an excellent way to get units to cash in at the Grinder or use for extra power at the Bio Reactor.
Yuri War Factory:
This is where vehicles such as the lasher tank are produced.. it is the same as the allies war factory and soviet war factory - it simply looks different and produces different units..
Yuri Battle Lab:
The Yuri Battle Lab is needed in order to gain high-level tech units..
Yuri Naval Yard:
The Yuri Naval Yard is used to make boomer subs.. Yuri's only naval unit.
Yuri MCV:
The Yuri MCV is required in order to build other Yuri structures...

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