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There are 2 new Soviet Structures in Yuri's Revenge. They no longer have access to the Cloning Vat or the Psychic Radar as Yuri has taken these technologies.

Battle Bunker:
The Battle Bunker is the Soviets' new defensive base structure. A garrisonable bunker that holds up to five conscripts, the Battle Bunker provides a solid defense against any enemy rushing in with ground forces. It is buildable as soon as the mcv is deployed.
Industrial Plant:
This Soviet economy enhancer is costly to make, but repays the investment many times over, as it cuts the cost of vehicles by 25% while decreasing vehicle build time by 25%. It's invaluable for getting your heavy frontline assault units to the front much quicker than your opponent and streamlining your base economy at the same time.
Force shield:
Another superweapon, the force shield is a single shot defensive measure that, for a few seconds, puts up a force field around the base. This shield will protect from all superweapon attacks while it's active, but once it powers down, it will completely drain the base of all its power, leaving it vulnerable to attack. When used precisely, however, the force shield can be a life saver. Every single side has this weapon - which has no actual structure but requires that a battle lab is built to access it.

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