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These guys are the nutters behind CNCSeries.Com.

Rob Robert "Rob" Bethell {Founder}

Rob is the founder and creator of CNCSeries.Com. He started the site on a cold, windy night many moons ago. He handed over the helm of Webmaster to Ash in August 2003, due to a lack of time and dedication to the site. However, he has returned to get Version 8 up and running. When not playing cricket or football, Rob is most likely to be found hitting the weights in the local gym, or eating copius amounts of protein-rich foods. Immediate plans involve attaining a respectable degree and building up his photo collection of local ladies breasts. Future plans involve becoming extremely rich and taking over the world..

Ash Ashley "Ash" Williams {Webmaster}

Ash quickly established himself as one of the most prominent staffers here at CNCSeries, rapidly grasping hold of the news-page after being convinced to come and work for the site (not an easy task). After but a few months, Ash was holding the site together - impressing everyone with his dedication and increasing ability. Thus, at the end of August 2003, he officially became the site's Webmaster, taking over from a position held by Rob for nigh on 3 years. Based in Bristol, Ash is somewhat ironically the youngest member of the staff at just 18. He enjoys football in his spare time, whilst he's not weighed down by Maths Coursework that is.

Erikmcfar Erik "erikmcfar" Mcfarlane {Operations Director}

Erik is the self confessed god of all Naval battles - if you ever beat him in one then he will cry. So please do try. Eriks menial tasks involve administrating the forums, uploading content, writing the odd article as well as map tactics to help out all you strategy hungry folks. Despite being at university, Erik seems to have the inherent ability to spell certain words incorrectly (e.g. missle). When not sinking someone's fleet, Erik likes to boast about his brilliance at RA2 and also likes to change his MSN name to "Supreme Naval Commander". *sigh*. Some day, someone will sink his fleet, some day...

PaulPaul "Paul" Tait {Editor}

Paul, originally known as f1reburn, is an avid gamer. When not climbing out of first-floor windows at Lupton Halls or receiving blow jobs from medical students named Becky, his jobs encorporate posting and editing news, writing articles and putting forth ideas for future features. He joined the site at the start of October 2001, and has been present ever since. Paul sees the site as a great way to further his web skills whilst being involved in something he enjoys: Command & Conquer. Other hobbies involve football and drinking. His aims for the future involve attaining at least a third and, one day, just maybe, beating Rob at Red Alert 2. Also known for wearing orange trainers (why!?).

Also featuring: Waraddict, Jim, Jeremy, bigguy563.

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