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While Yuri's Revenge was in production, we invited fans to email us with their ideas in regard to what they thought should be in the game. Some of the ideas below are very good. Some, frankly, are rubbish. However, it's interesting to see that a few of the ideas were actually used in the game. Coincidence, or were the producers reading the ideas? They may well have been!

The Yuri Idea27-01-01
alies :yuri's brain controls the allies ! you and eva are some of the rare humans that could ressist the psichic powers of yuri! with the help of eva you must destoy the lab where yuri's brains are being hided in order to save the world !
Sent by: [Rene]

New Countries...9-02-01
I think the allies should get Japan and Canada and soviet should get Australia and Iran

JAPAN--Samari--an infantry unit that uses mirage technology to become an animal and slices and dices infantry. it could also go into buildings doing severe damage to them

Canada--Prism Cannon--A defensive structure that can shoot prism blast at
more than one target at a time and is stronger than the prism tower but it can't share energy with other tower like the prism towers do

AUSTRALIA--flame thrower--an infantry unit that carries a high powered flame thrower that does the same as the flame tower from RA1

Iran--mirauder--basically a unit similar to a terror drone but it doesn't attach to tanks and has a hidden tesla cannon
Sent by: [ATOM87]

New Units9-02-01
Units that Soviets may need:
  • MIG attack planes or Flankers
  • Ballistic Missile Submarines
  • some sort of attack helicopter
  • Pyschic Beacon (super weapon that randomly mind- controls one enemy unit every 3 minutes or so)

Units that Allies may want:

  • Heavy Cruisers (similar to the one in RA1)
Units that fans may not like (these units may make the game too long and annoying):
  • Mine Layers
  • Mobile Gap Generators and Radar Jammers

I have suggested more units for the Soviets because I feel that they have a significant disadvantage against the Allies (I'm a full-time Soviet player). The most obvious disadvantage is that Soviets have very poor mobility and scouting; Allies have rocketeers, harriers, spysat uplink, and nighthawks.
Sent by: [Dai Tsui]

New countries and units27-01-01
I think that in the expansion pack, Yuri will have taken over the brain of a general from....lets say Ukraine. He used this general to rebuild his psychic technologies, and intends to take his revenge. He regains control of the soviets, and a few more countries, like Ukraine and China. The allies are forced to fight the soviet threat once more, with the help of Australia and Saudi Arabia. There would be new units of course.

Ukraine: Hind Attack Helicopter
This lightly armored helicopter is loaded with twin heavy chain guns that do not require reloading. It is also capable of transporting 2 infantry at a time.

China: Atomic cannon
Much like the French Grand cannon, this cannon fires at long range for heavy damage. The difference is that after it fires it leaves a small radioactive field where it hits for splash damage.

Australia: Amphibious Tank
This aquatic tank is very effective for the australians, who are very used to being around water. This heavily armored vehicle is armed with a chain gun and a tank cannon, which it uses on tanks or infantry accordingly.

Saudi Arabia: Sphinx
This interesting vehicle is very versatile. It is fitted with a mobile GAP generator, which is very useful in masking an assualt party, and is also armed with a very interesting weapon. Its cannon fires a device that acts much like a terror drone, but slower, and cannot be removed. This vehicle ios very slow to fire though, and must be used with extreme caution. Demise of this vehicle results in a small nuclear explosion.
Other ideas for new units are the chrono tank, and any other useful troops we may need to stop the soviets again.

Sent by: [John]

New Units27-01-01
In the expansion, Yuri's followers implant his brain into the leader of Russia's body. He begins to revamp the soviet army and takes over China with his psychic technologies. But, Austrailia has joined the war effort for the Allies. The stage is set one more time when Yuri invades Europe with his Psi Corps.

China's Unit--Nuclear V3 Rocket
Illegal research has yeilded this small nuclear weapon. The only drawback it it's long reload time 2 minutes and its slow moving easy to shoot down.

Austrailia's Unit--Chrono Transport
Due to Austrailia being an island the scientists there have created transports to move infantry over great distances. The transports can carry up to 20 infantry.
Sent by: [Erik McFarlane]

Views on Exp02-03-01
I belive the some of the ra2 units that would belived to be in a mojor war r not.for 1 there aare very few planes for a world the demands air support.theres a total of wat 3 planes that u can build.Also the sovites are made to look like 1945 and allies look like maybe 2001.i mean look at allie building aall nice and shiny and soviets nice red bricks i mean come on how does that look.In ra1 there was the new chrono tank it was going to be the tank that helped win all wars but only made 1 appernce in Red alert.Allies need more basic tanks the return of the chrono tank.allies need more planes that deliver a full punch like a bomber not a fighter that hits one target. Allies also need a medic out in the fields wat good a gi that get shit aand never heal.a ground apc would be nice nothhing nice just a apc with a basic maachine fun just make it look building wise i think u need some nice defense a prism tower doesent help when going against allie prism about something built to take out tanks for both sides.soviets need some high tech stuff they have what we haave all seen befor in the game the V3 rocket the apocolyips tank (mamoth tank) the subs. all been done.soviets need a bomber faster then the Blimp thing its greaat its powerful but it craash right when u send it to attack.all the good units the soviets had in Red alert 1 is now spily up demo truck only 1 team telsa tank nope sorry the soviets havce it.soviets need some hi tech viecals and a air transport.they have a ground but in order to get to an island they have to build a navle yard.In some boards you cant build a navle yard.Sovies need to have that Hind transport that was taken outta the game.the also need some swimming troops.soviets need an artilary gun to stand up to allie prism tanks.the soviets need some new hich tech stuff and allies need to fill in the gaps that should so clearly be there.(soviets beging video show large number a paradrops that you never get outsid eof regular missions) .i expect new teams of course are good buddies canada will be there and hopefully the outback to australia mexico well be in the waar and i iran might show up to help the soviets.i dont think u see poland thoe there still nutral.(just a joke)so what there should be air planes choopers transports high tech , basics and great navle fleets and basic troops o yaa some new laser and blood would be can you have a waaar with no heaavy weapons should be a physic thing that takes over a smalll group of troops (not dogs) and allies the start of a start up version of the i ion cannon.thaats all and also what happend to Fire??? rember in every game there was a Flame thower maybe there taken a nap o well hope ya like my ideas and maybe westwood well get a look at this.If you wanna E mail me and me respond to your emaail quick e mail me at . My Name is Mark im a 14 love planes and video games RA2 is one of my favorite.
Sent by: [Mark]

More Views on Exp02-03-01
It is my personal belief that Kane will once again emerge from the shadows in the expansion pack. Anyone who has played Tiberian Sun Firestorm all the way through will remember that Kane is hidden inside the NOD computer Cabaal.

In the expansion pack we will see Yuri and Kane side by side. Yuri will be resurrected through a miracle of medical science, remember his body wasn't actually seen in Red Alert 2. Yuri and Kane will resurrect their forces and take the Soviets back to the battlefield. New units for the Soviets will include some of Kanes old armies, the Artillery and Banshees spring to mind. Allied units will include Prism Troopers and a new base defense Sniper Tower. The ideas for Tesla technology and Prism technology to be used more extensively come to mind once again.

As for new countries, the Soviets with Kane will probably have a few unknown powers such as South Africa and Saudi Arabia, these countries are in the region where NOD first began. Allied forces will be granted Canada and Spain.

Special units will include S Africas - Psychic Battle Tank - these tank has the ability to turn any tank against its masters with the bonus that there is no limit to the amount which you can effect, once this unit dies, all links are severed Saudi Arabias - The Flame trooper - resurrection of Red Alerts old killer, this trooper burns through troops with speed, though tanks prove more trouble. Canada - Prism Legionnaire - This special unit is merely an upgraded Chrono Legionnaire with Prism technology as the main weapon Spain - Chrono Tank - The tank with the chrono capability as with the Chrono Legionnaire, but a much more formidable foe altogether
Sent by: [Keith Loveys]

Alright, Being a Canadian I am rather annoyed that we have been over looked yet again in the Command and Conquer series.

I think that a rather limited yet interesting unit that could come with Canada would be the Skier/Commando. Sure this unit could also be introduced through Norway or other Northern countries but hey why not the Cannucks Eh?

And to make things even The soviets could have a country like China (The are rather Communist, aren't they?) A great unit for the soviets would be a spy like character who would be unarrmed yet undetectable. The only way to kill him would be to force fire on him. This would help to ease the lack of "feild view" the Ruskies suffer from.

Sent by: [Scott]

New Countries03-03-01
Japan: Kamikazi pilot a plane with a nuculear charge in. Basicly a flying demo truck.

China: Kung fu expert a guy with a kife that kills with one slash.

Canada: Mounty a short range sniper on a hores.

Italy: Vehicle Hijacker (A member of the Italian job) A guy that nicks vehicles.
Sent by: [Richard]

Greece: Sabotage Unit06-03-01
I have a suggestion for the expansion pack:Maybe Greece can have a man that can sabotage buildings.He can be invisible for a while and you can see that by the spots under him.You ned to double click on him,then he becoms invisible.When the spots are empty he nedds to recharge.

P.S when i ment sabotage i ment that they blow to hell.
Sent by: [Dean]

Good Ideas06-03-01
Extra units for each country plus 2 new countrys that come with 2 special units.

New units:

  • America- B2 Stealth fighter- stronger than the harrier and can not be detected unti its missels are fired
  • France- Water Miner- like the first red alert mine layer this mines the water insted of land.
  • Germany- Panzer Tank- Stronger than a Grizzly and Rhino tank and is about as fast as the apocalypse tank
  • Britain- Stealth Bomber - a super weapon. It drops a nuke were you tell it to and it can not be shot at
  • Korea- Vulcan Cannon- high powered 6 parreld machine gun
  • Russia- KGB agent- similer to spy the but when necessary he will defend himself
  • Cuba- Terrorist boat - a small boat that can drive up agaisnt a boat and sets a bomb on the boat and within seconds the boat sinks.
  • Libya- Havok attack helicopter- when attacking infantry the havok fires a machine gun with infinte ammo and when firing on a tank has 5 sidewinding missles
  • Iraq- PT boat- a small ship that has ANTI-SHIP DEFENCE
New country's units:

  • Japan-Mega Carrier- a beter version of the aricraft carrier that holds 6 airplanes instead of 3 - Camo Trooper - a soldier that uses mirage tech. and turns into a bush. when enemys run by he will fire a highpowered machine gun.

  • Mongolia- Chinook helicoter- abel to carry 20 infantry or 5 tanks - Grenaders- good for killing masses of infantry

Sent by: [Rebecca Ronco]

More ideas!08-03-01
The fact that soviets don't have a longrange vehicle like the prism tank. Also, soviets should also have an aircraft other than the slower than heck kirov. The aircraft i had in mind was a fast, powerful aircraft much like the harrier.The allies should have at least limited psi technology.

Some other countries that should be added are:

  • Iran. Superweapon: nuke bomber. A plane that drops a nuclear bomb on a target.
  • Canada. Superweapon: Mountie. An infantryman on a horse capable of firing a long range, highly powered machinegun.
  • Italy. Superweapon: Nuke cannon.A grand cannon like turret firing a small nuclear blast.
  • Mexico. Superweapon: Chrono-mirage tank. A vehical capable of teleporting from spot to spot. Once there, it's a regular mirage tank.
  • Ukraine. Superweapon: PSI tank. a tank with longrange that takes over enemies minds. Sent by: [Chris]
  • Units,Countries..09-03-01
    Heres a few ideas:

    I love the Kirovs. How about two or so Kirov hybrids such as those with AA capability and anti infantry and armor weapons in lieu of bombs. Even a Kirov transport would rock. Id like to see Soviet migs or hinds, and even an Iraqi desolator tank. As far as a cool super weapon, I would enjoy some sort of seismic weapon which swallows units and or structures.

    As far as the allies, how about a mirage tank that mimics its surroundings, have it project its image near by until it fires. Where are the medics? Amphibious tanks would so very rock.

    Id also like to see more specific personalities manifest themselves as single limit units. Reduce Yuri and Tanya to a limit of one, yet increase their power. Then introduce more main characters with special abilities.

    The oil derricks, hospitals, airfields and repair facilities are great. What about some more like a guerrilla barracks (lets you build free civilian soldiers), construction yards (increase structure build time), or even some sort of minor neutral super weapon along the lines of air strikes or para-bombs.

    Bigger and better maps are called for, as well as realistic maps from around the world: pyramids, great wall, rain forest, London, Venice, Jerusalem, etc...

    Lastly, new states are needed: China and Japan are a must. Others could include Argentina or Brazil, South Africa, and Israel and or Egypt.
    Sent by: [Axeltoad]

    since the allies have the Republic of Korea, the soviets should have North Korea. the special unit would be the rocket soldier. he would be better than the flak trooper and he would be able to shoot down incomin paratroopers.
    Sent by: [Joey]

    These are NICE ideas11-03-01
    I think that for an expansion, there should be several new things added. There should be a couple new countries, the Allies should get Japan, Canada, (Go Canada!) Spain, and Australia. The Soviets should get China, (the commies should stick together) Thailand, India, and Vietnam. THey should each get a special unit. THe Japanese could get kamikazes, a plane they built on their pad for say $2500 and did the damage of 3 or 4 harriers, but sacrificed its self. THey should have weak armor too. Canada should get some sort of defensive structure, like a laser turret that hides underground, and shoots a prism laser. The way to destroy it would be to put something over top of it, so it couldn't pop up, or to force fire where it goes under. The spanish should get some sort of new naval unit, like a ship that had Aegis capabilities and also anti sub, like depth charges. The Australians should get like an amphibious tank, that could drive underwater, since they spend so much time near water. China should get some sort of infantry unit, that would be completely anti infantry, since the CHinese have so many people. The Thais should get some sort of artillery, like the ones in Tiberian Sun. That could help the soviets against prism tanks. The Indians get some sort of planes, with something like an airforce command. I think the soviets should get planes, but the Indians should get a special kind, like how Korea has Eagles. Maybe make the soviet regular plane an SU-27 flanker, and have the Indians be a MiG-33. Finally, the Vietnamese get like a hind transport, which can carry passengers, and carries 2 harrier missiles, and 4 seconds of chain gun. THey could reload at a helipad, like Red Alert had. Some basic add-ons, for both sides. The allies should get a B-52 bomber, which is about as fast as a prism tank on ground, but have more armor than harriers, and less than kirovs. LIke i said, the soviets should get some aircraft, and maybe get the spy plane back. That would help them, because they have no way of scouting really. A soviet super weapon like a psychic beacon, that goes off every 15 min. and allows them to take over 1 or 2 vehicles/infantry. Maybe some underground units? that might be complicated. Another thing that Westwood do for a treat for their fans would be to make a mission in space, with space units, and then your grizzlys would be like a mars rover, GIs would be astronauts, and they would all have lasers and ion cannons, and mass drivers etc. That would be cool. Anyway, just passing on my ideas. Keep up the great site. Jake Fraser
    Sent by: [Jake]

    i think for the soviets for expansion of yuri's and stuff when a yuri takes control of civi girl enemy men are distracted by her and wonder off from where ever they are another idea an idea to help the allies from nuke attacks is a fall out shelter where u can put an mcv or 5 tanks or 20 men in the fallout shelter

    ideas from Dan foudeh- a plane that can carry small loads of tanks. A plane where you load men and they get paratrooped out where you want them. A small terror drone that burrows underground and jumps on incoming tanks or men. Guys that can be temporarly invisible. Have rocket troops (as in men from ra1). A huge telsa coil which has a massive range and takes up a lot of power and can olny built once per battle. A telsa plane. Bases that you can upgrade with weapons( like the pole thingys in tiberian sun except on top of bases.
    Sent by: [Ryall and Dan]

    Soviets need eyes!16-03-01
    I think that the soviets need a way of seeing the entire map. like they build something physic that shows the location of every unit at that time. or something like a spy plane like in ra 1. also there should be 2 new super weapons. america should have artillery fire anywhere on the battle field for a short time killing everything in one hit. the soviets sould have a physic beacon that for as long as the iron curtain goes it will control enemy vehicles.

    Sent by: [DEATH]

    Good point..20-03-01
    Here's a rather simple but what I believe to be a great improvement. Being able to option units at cost eg. Aircraft Carriers with ASW capability, light air defence and/or on board cannons.

    Of cause a few new nations such as Australia and New Zealand (ANZACS), Canada,Tai Wan and Israel for the allied cause. As for the Soviets you could have have China, Vietnam, North Korea, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

    The beauty of this is that they all compliment each other The ANZACS are worried about the uprising in Asia (China, Vietnam and North Korea), Tai Wan has been getting a hard time from China for a while now and much like the ANZACS its a regional thing and Canada because of their proximity to the war, their shear size of their country and that the Soviets would no doubt get bored with America alone. Mexico would crumble to the Soviet might, already being used their country as a thoroughfare to the US, given no choice other than total annihilation they would allie them selves with the Soviets. Israel would grow uneasy being the meat of a sandwich of war with Saudi Arabia and Iraq becoming the bread on either side, already being a military power, allied with the US it would naturally fight for the Allies.

    A few units that I'm sure could be fitted in there are: some sort of Amphibious Tank/APC, a helicopter fitted with anti tank Hell Fire or TOW Missiles and more aircrafts, fighters, quicker, lighter alternatives to the Kriov, A-10 Warthogs for battlefield defence and maybe a specialised anti ship plane.
    Sent by: [Sebastien]

    This is ..long..20-03-01
    i am not sure how the westwood guys are going to eliminate all the tesla and chrono technologies, not to mention all the psycics. the reason i had said this is because in the original c&c and in tiberian sun, there is no mention of any chrono, tesla, or psycic weapons ever being used...? isn't that odd, seeing that c&c supposedly takes place after all this red alert suff?

    i think that some sort of major war should happne in the expansion, and lots of people ide due to these odd the end of the game, the remaining leaders of the countries hold a meeting to disallow these technologies from ever resurfacing in any future wars. also, it should contain the appearence of tiberium near the end, leaving it off where the original c&c started.

    as for new untis and countries, here are my thoughts:

    ALLIES: Japan: Aquatic Torpeodo Defence Styructure
    Japan is an island nation, making it seem that they should develop a way do defend from sea attacts. This is a structure that can be placed in the ocean to help defenda naval yard from enemy sub attacks.

    Canada: Medic
    I just thoght that with canada helping the US during the soviet invasion, they should have something equally helpful to battling troops.

    China: Samuri
    A type of spy for the soviets. But instead of doing damage to stuctures, it could attack infantry instead. Tis is also good since the allies have the german shepard for apparrently no real important use. This unit would have to attack from very close range, but he does not make a sound when he attacks, making it difficult for your opponent to know when you are attacking.

    Iran: Chemical and Biohazard Transport Truck
    Almost the same as the demolition truck but also different. It has no effect against structures, but is deadly to units and infantry. The Truck is unarmed, instead it is waits to be destroyed, but when it does it realeses a gas cloud that spreads rapidly arounda large are, dmamgin units with acid like chemicals, and melting infantry with an advanced for of ebola.

    Mexico: Assassin
    What happened with mexico? weren't they soviet? hm...i think the westwood guys forgot a piece of the puzzle. I thoght up an assassin. it appeares as civialin and acts like one. it also only attacts if told to do so, but when you do, its affect is devastaing. it can be equipped witha a sniper rifle for infantry, dinamite for untis, AND c-4 for builings. this is also a good unit due to the fact that the allies are supposed to defend the innocent...or at least the innocent looking...haha.
    Sent by: [Matrix]

    Game modes20-03-01
    I think there should be some kind of mode of play, like they have battle, free for all, etc., where you can build an army of old units instead of getting few of them only through crates...or maybe something where theres lots-o-crates like crate wars but it gives you all old units and there isn't a limit on how many you can get anymore. I like using old ra units through crates but you can't get enough of them! and too many times they get blown up by crates in crate wars!
    Sent by: [Lee]

    World War II20-03-01
    I'd really like to see some kind of World War II based Missions. I've always wanted to see C&C go into the past. WW2, Vietnam, the Gulf war. Maybe it could be a new Skirmish addition. The ideas:

    Germany Unit (Axis):
    Panzer Tank- A Heavily Armored tank with a machine gun, and High Explosive rounds.

    Russian Unit (Allies):
    Machine Gunner- A slow moving unit who can only shoot when deployed. But when he shoots, GET OUT OF THE WAY! This sucker should pack a PUNCH! Like, a .50 cal round or something.

    France Unit (Neutral):
    Underground Agent- These boys can only be found in towns. When you get him, he can infiltrate buildings (with the option to come back out. The longer he's in the building, the more info he steals/the enemy gets hurt). He can also sedate soldiers with a needle, and hotwire non-moving vehicles.

    American Unit (Allies):
    Ranger- A mix of a commando and a GI. Enough said.

    Japan Unit (Axis):
    Officer- A fearless leader who can take a lot of hits. The drawback is that he only fights up close with a sub-machine gun. His ability is that he can call in air strikes. By placing beacons which flash on radar and never leave.

    Have maps like Omaha Beach, Gudalcanal, Paris, etc. This would be cool.
    Sent by: [Ben]

    General Ideas20-03-01
    the first red alert had an awsome map editor and it would be even cooler if there was one for the second red alert.(if you know how to make maps or where to download a map editor please write to me!) 2.NEW UNITS/BUILDINGS:
    kamakazie planes that work like demo trucks. Medics. i loved medics in red alert and they would serve a much higher purpose in RA2 because gi's are better. Missle silos.why did you take them out? atom bombs were awsome! Better soldiers for soviets. conscrips are terrible!!! 3.HARDER OPONENTS:
    it is getting very easy to beat even three brutals! Also i beat the game in a matter of weeks. 4.BRING BACK KANE:
    it would be really cool if kane and Yuri could join together and try to defeat the alies once again. It would be even cooler if yuri got himself back together and took over the president of the United States mind and he would hand the american army over to the soviets.(of course you would'nt no that Yuri took over his mind until the end of the game) then you could make up your own army and fight against the americans and soviets.
    Sent by: [Metro]

    New Countries + GDI & NOD!22-03-01
    As the war between the Allies and the Soviets continue, the Soviet forces seem to be getting stronger. The Allies have lost 2 wars that they have fought. So they must call reinforcements!! The Allies chronosphere GDI to Einstein's Lab. But while chronosphering the GDI troops, Nod managed to sneak an MCV through with the troops!!! That means the Soviets have a little back up too!! Its up to GDI and the Allies to forever defeat the Brotherhood of Nod and the Soviet Union!!

    Here are some of my ideas for the possible expansion:

    1.Egypt:Sphinx- A big lion like tank that can shoot scarabs. The scarabs can eat away infantry and light tanks.

    2.Greenland:Frost Generator- This structure is very useful. Nothing can be shot passed it. The bad news is that only lasts for 15 seconds!

    3.North Pole:Blizzard Drone- This is similar to the Terror Drone but better. When the Blizzard Drone enters a vehicle, it freezes it. (Cannot eat infantry.)

    4.Japan:Samurai- This unit can disguise himself as a tree or an animal. While he is disguised, any infantry unit that walks by gets sliced in half. (Tanks are not affected.)

    5.Canada:Prism Cannon- This large structure is another one of Einstein's inventions. Although this cannot gather energy from other cannons, it's beam can spread out to hit more than one target. (The units must be close together.)

    6.South Pole:Polar Tank- This tank can shoot icycles, which can pierce an infantry's skin. Or it can penetrate tanks' armor.

    7.Australia:Amphibious APC- This transport can go underwater and cannot be seen.It is loaded with the same weapon as the Allied Dolphins but a little weaker. It is very fast. (Even underwater.)

    7.Australia:Koala Sniper- This is NOT a Koala!! It's just a different type of sniper. This sniper is the same as Great Britain's, but this sniper can climb up in trees! A VERY useful unit.

    8.Holland:Killer Whales- These naval units can slowly eat up ships like Gian t Squids. But it is equipped with an anti-aircraft prism beam.

    9.Sweden:Parabomb Plane- The Parabomb Plane is a super fast plane that jets through the enemy base and drops 5 parabombs. The parabombs can be shot by Flak Troopers and Flak Tracks. WARNING:The parabombs are so exsplosive, that when it is destroyed in the air, anything under it when it is destroyed too!!

    10.Jamaica:Chemical Warriors- These units are similar to the Flame-Thrower unit accept, it shoots VERY dangerous chemicals.

    Sent by: [Krystin]

    Good Ideas23-03-01
    Personally, I believe that the Soviets need more information-gathering units and structures. New units should be added. I think that the Tesla technology of the Soviets are not as great as the Prism technology of the Allies. I suggest that Soviets get the ff.:
    a. Expand the radiation technology (like the Iraqi Desolator's weapon);
    perhaps have a structure that emits radiation
    b. Expand the psychic technology, make Yuri one-unit only, and instead have PSI units that have similar abilities like that of Yuri, yet of a lesser extent and scope
    c. Chinook helicopter, for transport
    d. Some sort of unit that can implant itself inside a unit, and cannot be removed. Everything the unit "sees", you can see also (to balance with the spysat of the allies)
    e. parabombsv
    f. new countries such as:
    North Korea: AA Cannon: Made especially to combat South Korea's Black Eagle
    Vietnam: Genocide Tank: A tank that explodes and literally burns all infantry units in the whole screen.

    Allies should have more armored tanks:
    a. Have a old units such as Chrono Tank, MAD Tank, Mine Layers, Cruiser (gosh I miss that ship!)
    b. Make Tanya one-unit only, instead have SEALS as her counterparts
    c. Expand the prism technology, like having prism force fields in allied structures, have prism troopers or something... d. new countries such as:
    Philippines: Since this was one of the battlegrounds of WW2, it just makes sense to have it as an expansion country. Their unit could be a Intruder, similar to a spy, cannot be detected by dogs, and can be ordered around by the enemy. Its primary purpose? Similar to the spy coz you can also order him around.
    Japan: Kamikaze Plane: Has strong armor and basically waits until the enemy fires it down wherein it executes a nuclear shower that can damage units and structures
    Sent by: [KGAL4ever]

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