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[ Total Number of Reviews: 31 | Average Score: 8.49 ]

CNCSeries.Com Review - October 24, 2001 - 9.2/10 - View

Where can I start? How about by saying - wow! Even though I knew what to expect (as I have been following the build up to the game's release), I was still taken back by how good this game is...

Gamers Press - November 14, 2001 - 8.0/10 - [ View ]

The graphics in Yuri's Revenge are also terrific, providing hours of enjoyment and explosions in 2D wonder. The engine has not changed since RA2 was introduced, but there are no surprises here and those who loved the RA2 series will not be disappointed

Games First - November 11, 2001 - 8.0/10 - [ View ]

As expansions go this one is among the best for tying itself into the original game thus making it a truly enjoyable experience in the Red Alert world. All around this expansion stays true to the Red Alert style and story making it a good buy for all you Red Alert fans

Game Review Online - November 11, 2001 - 9.4/10 - [ View ]

Westwood Studios Yuri's Revenge is an addicting chaotic RTS that simply keeps you coming back for more. My first week of playing Yuri's Revenge was one spent in total bliss as the gameplay is simply addicting as all get out

Game Pen - November 7, 2001 - 8.0/10 - [ View ]

Experienced players will probably breeze through the new campaigns, finding the new missions too easy, while novice players will find some of the new missions impossibly difficult. Otherwise, it's a great addition for any Command & Conquer fan!

PCG Central - November 5, 2001 - 8.8/10 - [ View ]

I'll wrap things up by saying that if you plan to buy one game this year, consider Yuri's Revenge. It has multiplayer, single player, multi-single player, and of course Yuri, Tanya, Eva, and Zofia. Aside from the cool new units and effects, the strategy driving the game compels you to play more. - November 3, 2001 - 8.7/10- [ View ]

Westwood versprach viel mit Yuris Rache und konnte dies auch größtenteils halten. Die 14 neuen Missionen waren packend, unterhaltsam und stehen dem Hauptspiel in nichts nach

Fragland - November 3, 2001 - 8.4/10 - [ View ]

Yuri has spread dozens of Psychic Dominators all over the world and since you don't have time to destroy them all, you're in luck that Einstein has created a device which allows you to go back in time and stop Yuri before he's had the chance to spread his dreaded machines

Game Over - November 2, 2001 - 8.6/10 - [ View ]

Overall, Yuri's Revenge is a very nice expansion pack. There no bugs or technical problems, the production values are excellent, and the gameplay is fun. What more could you want? Well, ok, a longer single-player experience would be nice, and the price is a little high (what happened to the $20 expansion pack?), but it's hard to argue too much with the effort that went into making the title.

GameZilla - September 1, 2001 - 8.5/10 - [ View ]

A good expansion pack, Yuri's Revenge builds on the design strengths of Red Alert 2 and preserves the same 'high balance' present in the first game. Westwood keeps the game at a reasonable level, a little bit tougher to beat than the first game and obviously designed for a player familiar with Red Alert 2, but with a learning curve that won't outpace you as you learn the new units

Lost Hours - September 1, 2001 - 7.5/10 - [ View ]

Yuri's Revenge adds the things one would expect from an expansion pack, and delivers some decent gameplay in the process. The game offers more of the quirky humor of the Command & Conquer Red Alert series, as well as the melodramatic cut-scenes that Westwood has become famous for. Fans of the series will definitely come away pleased with their purchase

Computer & Video Games - October 30, 2001 - 8/10 - [ View ]

So you thought the war was over in Red Alert 2? Well you obviously weren't paying attention to a certain balding Soviet military advisor. That Mr Yuri who talks in whispers, never blinks and is just one white fluffy cat short of being a villainous stereotype. Now it turns out the whole time Yuri's been secretly devising his own plan for world domination by developing mind-control technologies. How could they not have seen that one coming?

GameSpy - October 29, 2001 - 9/10 - [ View ]

This is what an expansion pack should be ... tons more of everything you enjoyed from the first game with just enough new stuff to keep you guessing. Yuri's Revenge is a treat for fans of Red Alert 2

Electronic Playground - October 27, 2001 - 8.7/10 - [ View ]

As expansion packs go, Yuri's Revenge does a great job adding plenty of new elements to the story and gameplay mechanics to last year's Command & Conquer game

Armchair Empire - October 27, 2001 - 9/10 - [ View ]

Yuri's Revenge is no half-baked add-on. This is what every expansion should be "“ it takes what made the original so playable (some crisp colorful graphics, good path-finding, some interesting units, addictive play) and adds some whipped cream and chocolate sauce and is served up as dessert. If you own Red Alert 2, you should own Yuri's Revenge

Gamer's Uplink - October 24, 2001 - 9/10 - [ View ]

Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge is the most fun I've had playing a game in a long time. When you beat a mission, the thrill of victory is stronger than ever. The strategies and techniques you will have to use to destroy the enemy will have you marveling at your own tactile prowess

Hard News - October 24, 2001 - 8.1/10 - [ View ]

Command and conquer was one of the pioneering RTS games. It might not have been the first one but it was the first to be widely successful and really bring the genre to the masses. The Command and Conquer games have gone on to spawn several equally successful sequels, expansions and even move onto several home console systems. Today I bring to your attention the latest C&C outing from Westwood Studios

Game Raiders - October 24, 2001 - 8.5/10 - [ View ]

Yuri's Revenge, developed by Westwood studios, picks up immediately after the end of the Allied campaign in Red Alert 2. Yuri, the Soviet traitor, has built up his own army of mind-controlling warriors and genetic mutations. Yuri has set up a series of Psychic Dominators around the world that, when activated, will allow Yuri to control everyone, world wide. It is up to you, as the leader of either the Allied or Soviet armies, to stop this new threat

Loadedinc - October 24, 2001 - 9/10 - [ View ]

Yuri's revenge is one of the best add-ons released for ages. The single player missions are challenging enough with interesting mission objectives and the multiplayer speaks for itself. With the excellent unit balancing and the top-notch Westwood Online palying this game online is painless. Yuri's revenge is a real corker, Yuri has certainly taken control of my mind and the C&C universe just goes from strength to strength. This is one game you can't afford to be without

ActionTrip - October 24, 2001 - 8.3/10 - [ View ]

The C & C serial achieved great popularity, but the fact remains that each of the games within it had poorly balanced units and sides. This was most obvious in the Tiberian Sun, and Red Alert 2. In Red Alert 2, allied forces were far more powerful than the Russians

GameZone - October 24, 2001 - n/a - [ View ]

Yuri's Revenge is the largest expansion in Westwood's history, adding to the real-time strategy game new Allied and Soviet units, two single-player campaigns, multiplayer features, co-operative campaigns, an hour of filmed story sequences, and an entirely new side

Game Port - October 24, 2001 - 8/10 - [ View ]

In regard to new features, the game has many new units, tanks and goodies for the Allied and Soviet forces. In addition, there is an entire new force controlled by Yuri that can be commanded in skirmish mode

Entertainment Depot - October 16, 2001 - 8/10 - [ View ]

Westwood manages to make another fantastic entry into its Command & Conquer spin-off series. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge manages to give gamers the right amount of bang for the buck, smoothing out enough rough edges left from the original to warrant it as a purchase. While it is a bit short, the additional units will increase time in the skirmish and internet mode a great deal

Game Club Central - October 16, 2001 - 8/10 - [ View ]

Now Westwood has expanded what was already a great game by releasing Yuri's Revenge. With new units, new campaigns, and new modes of play, any owner who has RA2 would be cheating themselves out of pure multiplayer bliss if they did not get this expansion

Strategy Informer - October 12, 2001 - 8.9/10 - [ View ]

All its new features combine to make Yuri's Revenge ideal or even downright necessary for anyone who enjoyed Red Alert 2. Like its predecessor, it's a well-designed, fast-paced, flexible, and ultimately very fun real-time strategy game with a lot of variety and a lot of appeal

MGON - October 11, 2001 - 8/10 - [ View ]

Instead of tacking on a few extra missions and adding a few new units the developer, Westwood, have gone the "˜whole hog' and built a whole new force for you to fight against in a fully orchestrated campaign. Yuri's Revenge is full of new units, lots of new strategies and lots of other toys and elements to keep you interested

Games Domain - October 10, 2001 - 7/10 - [ View ]

In Yuri's Revenge, Westwood has successfully created an entirely new and balanced enemy while enhancing the overall balance and gameplay that made Red Alert 2 so popular with Red Alert loyalists. Fans of the original will find more than enough in this expansion pack to justify the cost of purchase and critics that felt Red Alert 2 wasn't up to par with Starcraft might just consider Yuri's Revenge a welcome addition

Gamespot - October 10, 2001 - 8.5/10 - [ View ]

Don't be compelled to buy Yuri's Revenge, the official expansion to last year's Red Alert 2, just because the box shows a mind-controlling maniac giving you the cold stare--besides that, there are plenty of perfectly good reasons for owning the game

Gamespot UK - October 10, 2001 - 9.2/10 - [ View ]

If you're fan of Red Alert 2, and particularly if you border on being fanatical about commanding either the Allied or Soviet forces, Westwood Studios' new expansion is about to turn your world upside down. Not only has Yuri left the Soviets to form his own formidable, psychic army but things have moved on for the slightly more conventional factions since the events of Red Alert 2 as well

Gamespot AU - October 10, 2001 - 9/10 - [ View ]

Yuri's Revenge is a comprehensive add-on pack for Red Alert 2. As part of Westwood's long tradition of giving its customers more of the same, Yuri's Revenge bundles with more units, more missions, and a fully functional third faction. The primary thrust of the pack is the two new campaigns it provides for Red Alert veterans. One for the Allies, one for the Soviets, with 14 missions spread between the two. This may seem like a measly figure to the Westwood newbie. But we must remember that they're not only designed by Westwood's highly skilled team of level designers, but they're accompanied by some of the zaniest acting ever committed to FMV.

IGN PC - October 9, 2001 - 8.6/10 - [ View ]

But even with what Mark Twain would call a sobriquetfluous title, Yuri's Revenge is pure gold (and the largest expansion in Westwood's history). And while it certainly doesn't live up to the scale of expansions set by the superlative The Conquerors expansion for Age of Kings, there's more than enough originality lumped in with the obligatory 16 extra hours of gameplay to lure even the most apathetic gamers back for more

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