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» Yuris Revenge Review

Where can I start? How about by saying - wow! Even though I knew what to expect (as I have been following the built up to the game's release), I was still taken back by how good this game is.

Yuri's Revenge picks up after the Allied campaign from the original Red Alert. The Allies have won the war, with the Soviets having been defeated. However Yuri has defected from the Soviets and formed his own side.

There are 14 new missions, 7 for the Allies and 7 for the Soviets. Unfortunately there are no missions for Yuri's side - one of the biggest disappointments for me. The missions are entertaining, and the FMV (full motion video) debrief/brief in-between missions are very well done. Compared to the original the missions don't take very long - I did them on the normal setting, and it took me 2/3 days to do both sets of the missions.

There have been many changes to the game play of Yuri's Revenge; all of them I have noticed are for the better. Westwood have listened to the fans and give them a better game because of this. An example" in the original if you captured a hospital, you could send infantry into the hospital to regain health - this was in reality never used because it was so tedious. Now in Yuri's Revenge if you capture a hospital all your infantry auto-heal. Many more changes like this have been made; they all improve the playability of the game.

There are of course new units and structures, Yuri's side has a complete set of new units, these include"

  • The Brute - a genetically modified person that can smash tanks with its bare hands.
  • The Mastermind - a tank that can control any unit that comes into its range.
  • The Gattling Cannon - a tower armed with a machine gun that can fire at both land and air targets. It speeds up its rate of fire the longer it fires.
  • The Grinder - If a unit is sent into the grinder, the money spend on it will be refunded to the player - this is useful for mind controlled units.
Its not just Yuri that gets all the new units, the Allies and Soviets both get additional units to beef up their forces.
The Soviet's now get"
  • The siege chopper - a helicopter that has a machine gun when in flight, but can deploy into a long-range artillery gun.
  • Battle bunker - this bunker can be built as soon as you have deployed you construction yard, it provides protection for 5 men which fire out of it.
The Allies get"
  • The Guardian GI - Unlike the regular GI, this fellow can deploy and fire a strong anti-tank and anti-air missile; he is also un-crushable when deployed.
  • The Robot tank - When you have built the robot control centre (a new structure), you can build these tanks. Since they have no driver they cannot be mind controlled, the disadvantages are the weak armour and that if the robot control centre is destroyed - all of your robot tanks are rendered useless.
Another favourite feature of mine is the introduction of hero units, each side gets one hero unit - they can only be built once, cannot be crushed or mind-controlled.
  • Allies get Tanya; a gun-slinging feisty female with C4 that can blow up buildings and tanks, she can also swim!
  • Soviets get Boris, a Russian hero you is very nifty with his machine gun, he also has the authority to call in an air strike which can destroy any building.
  • Yuri gets Yuri! His official name is 'Yuri Prime'; he can mind control any 'mind-controllable' unit and buildings, very useful in certain situations!
The hero units are a great introduction to Yuri's Revenge, they add a lot more strategy to the game. It is not now a game of who can build the most tanks.

The most improved area of the game has to be WOL (Westwood Online), the Internet gaming service. The interface has been revamped significantly! There are far too many changs to explain in this review - but I am yet to find any faults.

The new maps provided with Yuri's Revenge are excellent, in case you were wondering. All the original map packs are included with the game. There are also more maps for specific types of game play, e.g. naval war, meat grinder, mega wealth and perhaps the most notable co-operative. In the co-operative game play you are fighting with a friend (on WOL) in one of 4 campaigns (Allies, Soviets, Yuri or World Alliance). These campaigns are a lot of fun and are great for those who love the single player missions. It is sometimes quite hard to find a partner to play with through.

You get a lot of game for your money with Yuri's Revenge; at around 15 ($25) it is a bargain. Many features have been added to Yuri's Revenge, but at the centre of it all is the third side; Yuri's side. The fact that this is an expansion pack does not mean that all you get is some new missions. A lot of hard work has been put into Yuri's Revenge, and it shows.

    + A whole new side
    + Improved Interface
    + Better game play, many more strategy's
    - No Yuri Missions
    Overall score = 92%

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