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» Mission Twelve - Polar Storm

Location: Point Hope, Alaska
Par Time: 2 hours and 20 minutes
Objectives: 1 - Destroy the Chronosphere

Briefing: We have found the last feeble Allied stronghold. Their Chronosphere, now fully operational, can move soldiers anywhere in the world. They can strike at us in New York, in Prague, even in Moscow. Yuri's files show the device is located near Point Hope, Alaska. You must take what few forces we have in the area and lead an attack, before the Allies make use of their cowardly technology. This is the final hour, comrade; glory awaits.

Quickly establish your base and train several Conscripts. Lieutenant Zofia will warn you of the Allied initial Chronosphere assault. Use your Conscripts to destroy the Rocket IFVs chronoshifted into your base.

Build a couple Flak Cannons around your base as well to ward off any rocketeers. The Allied will be making frequent assault to your base with rocketeers so be prepared. Build a few Typhoon Submarines and send them to the northwest of your base.

The Allied dock should be revealed on the map, destroy the two Naval Yards and any naval units guarding it. Bring in some Apocalypse Tanks and Kirov Airships to decimate the base.

Capture the buildings with Engineers and build your War Factory there and make it your primary building. Start mass production of Apocalypse Tanks there and tell them to guard the War Factory because the Allied will be chronoshifting troops from time to time to destroy your foothold there.

Head to the northeast and destroy every single Allied units and structures that you find. You will find three Kirov Airships near the Tech Airport. Capture it with an Engineer if you want to. Otherwise join up the Kirov Airships and the Apocalypse Tanks and go to the west. Destroy everything that is in your way.

Make your way into the Allied base and destroy everything. You will find the Chronosphere surrounded by LOTS of Prism Towers, Pill-boxes and Patriot Missile Systems.

Additional note: Launching nuclear missile against the Chronosphere is useless as it will not be destroyed, only damaged to half of its health meter.

Due to the heavy defense in the base, your best chance to win is to combine the Kirov Airships with the Apocalypse Tanks to smash through the defense. Good luck! When the Chronosphere is destroyed, you will see a spectacular cut scene and you will be back in the game. Mission accomplished!

Congratulations! This is the end of the Soviet campaign. You have just conquered the world - Mother Russia rules the earth.

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