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» Mission Eleven - Red Revolution

Location: Moscow
Par Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Objectives: 1 - Destroy the Kremlin

Briefing: Yuri has turned against us. There is only one answer for such treason - kill him; he is cowering in the Kremlin - it must be obliterated.

You start off with an undeployed mcv and some troops, as well as a couple of tanks. You get two kirovs as well. The key to this mission is simply building a strong base and then building 5 or 6 kirovs. It is vital that you build your base quickly - or else you will be over-run.

Deploy MCV:

Barracks 10 Conscripts 6 dogs Ore Refinery 2 Pillboxes Wall War Factory War miner 5 Rhino Tanks Radar 3 Tesla Coils Battle Lab 3 Apocalypse Tanks 4 Kirovs
You start off at the very bottom of the map. The Kremlin, which you must destroy to complete the mission, is at the very top. Forget any thoughts of wiping the map clean - the Soviets are too well established. You must make a wall (with a space for your harvesters to use) just below the ore field - going from one side of the land to the other (you'll know what I'm on about when you see the map). It is vital to stop enemy units sneaking into your base.Once the wall is completed build your pillboxes in front of it - and your tesla coils behind it. Position your tanks next to your pillboxes (in front of the wall) - in single file, with their backs to the wall. Now place some infantry units in front of them. Move your Kirovs a short distance on front of your wall (far away enough to not effect your troops). Your dogs will take care of infantry units. The main problem you face is dealing with the psy corps. Use your dogs to get them (or your Kirovs) before they capture your troops. As soon as your apocalypse tanks are ready place them in front of the wall too.

You should receive re-enforcements at this point - 1 apocalypse tank, 2 V3's and 4/5 terror drones. Move them in front of your walls.

At this point most people would suggest that you build a nuke silo - I don't. If you do then about 8 kirovs are sent at your base - using my method no such thing happens. Build 4 kirovs. You should now have six in total. Do the following:

Forget about your base now - you don't need it. If it gets destroyed it doesn't matter. Send your kirovs to the bottom left hand corner of the map. Now put them in single file along the edge of the map (single file upwards - not sideways) - now go north. Carry on doing so until you reach the top right hand corner of the map. Destroy any Flak guns Directly below you - do not go east if you can help it. Once you are in the top right hand corner go eastwards - towards the Kremlin. On the way there is a nuclear power plant - take it out. The flak cannons surrounding the Kremlin will no longer work. Send in your kirovs. Sit back and enjoy as they obliterate the Kremlin.

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