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» Mission Nine - The Fox and the Hound

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Par Time: 30 minutes
Objectives: 1 - Mind-control the President

Briefing:Our victory is near at hand. The President as successfully eluded us, but we have tracked him to a dirty little fort called 'The Alamo' in San Antonio, Texas. You must use out Psi-Corps Troopers to mind control the President and force him to surrender the United States.

Use the three Psi-Corps Troopers to mind control the two GIs north of your starting position who is guarding the Barracks and the Battle Lab.

Mind control the two Engineers and use them to capture both buildings. Now send the Psi-Corps Troopers to the southeast (the small American base) and mind control the sniper there. Use him to kill off all the GIs there.

Mind control the Grizzly Battle Tank and use it to destroy the two Pill-boxes. Bring the sniper to kill all the units patrolling the perimeter of the Fort.

Take him to the north entrance of Fort Alamo and kill the SEALs and the Attack dogs guarding it. Now train two Spies, put on a disguise and infiltrate the Power Plant.

When the power is offline, use the sniper to kill the SEALs and the Secret Service agents around the President.

Repeat the step again. When the power is off, bring in the Psi-Corps Trooper to mind control the President. Mission accomplished!

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