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» Mission Eight - Desecration

Location: Washington DC
Par Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes
Objectives: 1 - Capture the White House

Briefing: Even in the hour of our greatest victory, General Vladimir has turned against us. Tempted by the soft American lifestyle, he has gone rogue and convinced many loyal communists to turn against us. You must go to Washington DC and dig Vladimir out of his wretched hole.

Set up your base and a few moments later an enemy plane will drop veteran Conscripts on the west side of you base. Get a Desolator there and use his radiation gun or buy dogs. Train several Conscripts and garrison them in the bunker east of your base and the one near the ore field. Send the rest of the troops to destroy the Lincoln Memorial to the north and you will receive two crates. The left one will promote your unit and the one on the right will bolster your cash.

Additional note: You might want to leave some Apocalypse Tanks in your base as the enemy send Rhino Heavy Tanks and V3 Rocket Launchers to destroy your base so be prepared. - It is a good idea to build a tesla coil on the Eastern side of your base - build about 6 tesla troopers and make them force fire on it to increase its power.

Start mass production of Apocalypse Tanks ASAP and go destroy the Washington Monument to earn a money crate. Destroy the Soviet base around the monument and destroy the Smithsonian Natural History Museum to the southeast. You will be rewarded with two crates. The one on the north will give you some cash and the bottom one will promote your unit. Destroy the Smithsonian Castle and you will be rewarded with two crates again. The left one will increase unit's speed while the right one contains some money. Don't forget to destroy the Psychic Beacon nearby as well.

Send an Engineer to repair the bridge to the southwest (near the soccer field) and you will gain access to the Jefferson Memorial. Destroy it and a money crate will be left behind. Kill off all enemy units here and the parked trucks as well. The farthest truck on the left will leave a crate, which will promote your unit. The two trucks next to it will leave crates that upgrade unit speed and armor respectively. The three remaining trucks will leave crates that will reveal the map, increase unit's firepower as well as a promotion.

Wipe out the rest of the enemy forces in the area and send an Engineer to capture the White House - Mission accomplished.

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