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» Mission Seven - Chrono Defense

Location: Ural Mountains, Russia
Par Time: 35 minutes
Objectives: 1 - Defend the battle lab at all costs

Briefing: The Americans have engaged their Chronosphere; a device that allows them to move soldiers across great distances almost instantly. They can now strike anywhere they wish. You must defend our Battle Lab in the Ural mountains. The Americans will surely strike there soon in a desperate but doomed attempt to shut down our development of the ultimate battle tank.

I suggest that you save this mission every ten minutes or so - as I spent 40 mins on it and then looked away, turned around and the Allies had destroyed my Battle Lab!

First of all you must build your base and position your troops correctly. Defensive structures play an absolutely vital role in this mission - as do your apocalypse tanks.

When you start the game you must immediately set up your defense systems. Start building sentry guns; place them next to your existing ones. Also, build flak cannons - place 2 around your battle lab, and 2 covering the rest of your base. I suggest that you surround the lab with walls - preventing spys from infiltrating.

At the start of the mission immediately send either one tanks or 2 conscripts to the top left hand corner of the map. They will find a guy driving around who is trying to spread capitalism. Destroy his truck and you will be presented with the whole map revealed.

You will see that there are 3 oil derricks and one war depot to the East - you must capture these with engineers quickly (send 3 flak troopers and 2 dogs with them).

However, as I said before, the defense of your base is the most important task. You must block every entrance to your base (save for the one that your harvesters use (make sure you have at least 2)).

Build dogs and position them around your base - they will kill lots of enemy infantry and detect spys. - Make sure that you have at least 3 tesla coils in your base - one on the western entrance, one on the eastern entrance and one in between the two southern entrances. You must make sure that the Western entrance is blocked with tanks (preferably apocalypse ones) - as this is where most of the Allies tank attacks come from. It's a wise idea to leave some terror drones scattered outside your base to the West - they will destroy prism tanks (your main threat). You must make sure that you have enough protection around your base to stop 6 prism tanks - as they come in groups of 6's. They almost always attack from the West; yet they did attack me from the East once.

These are the Usual methods of attack by the Allies:

Eastern Area: Spys, Infantry.
Western Area: Grizzly Tanks,IFVs,Prism Tanks
Southern: Infantry,Rocketeers.
The Allies send about 12 attacks - you must resist them all and then you win. Just make sure that you watch out for prism tanks ( because of their range ) and make sure that the battle lab - as well as your other buildings, are well guarded from air attack. It is a good idea to build a lot of flak troopers / flak vehicles as they will protect you from air attacks and will also be useful in destroying enemy infantry. Make sure that you protect your oil derricks as well - it's a good idea to place a tesla coil next to them. Having lots of troops is vital in this mission - you must guard all your entrances well. Sometime the allies may use snipers - take care! - He will kill your infantry units quickly and easily - send three dogs at him or launch a V3.

Final Tip: Set the screen resolution to 1024 x 768. This will allow you to see a lot more of whats going on - absolutely vital in this mission.

Defend the base for approximately 10 attacks (45 minutes roughly) using all of your units. Secure the oil derricks to gain vital extra income. At some point in the game three allied convoy trucks will appear - they will take the road east of your base - from the north to the group of tents in the site. Intercept them using flak tracks or tanks. You will receive three boxes all containing dosh!

Once you have halted the Allied Assault you go to mission Eight.

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