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» Mission Six - Sub Divide

Location: Pearl Harbour, Hawaii
Par Time: 1 hour 10 mins
Objectives: 1 - Destroy the Allies Navy / Naval Yards

Briefing: The Americans are on their knees, begging for mercy. The last remnants of their fleet at Pearl Harbor waits helplessly for your relentless attack. However, we have news that the Koreans are not yet beaten and may attempt to join up with the American Navy. They must not succeed.

You start by having your troops transported to the beach; you get a few conscripts, a couple of tanks etc - nothing special. First of all you must deploy your MCV - which also came in the transports; build it near to the tiberium field at the bottom right hand of the area. The area in which your base is set has a lot of tiberium; which is vital to your mission. The Allies will send a few infantry attacks from the North - so take the majority of your troops ( and a dog ) to the top of the little island that you are on; position your troops on the small coral reef that links the islands.

You must build:

MCV » Powerplant » Barracks » Refinery » Radar » Naval Shipyard » War Factory
The only real threat that the Allies pose is when they send in their fleet to attack you; after about 5 minutes Zofia will tell you that the Korean Fleet is en-route to Pearl Harbour. The fleet will sale from the top right hand of the corner to Pearl Harbour (which is in the middle). S As you will see the Allies have a well established base - destroying this all can be time consuming; to complete the mission all you must destroy is their fleet.

You will receive 2 Soviet Dreadnoughts a while after the start of the game - you will not be able to build these; so use them wisely - as they are your best units for destroying the allied structures (e.g. Prism Towers) that are occasionally on the coastline of their bases. It is very that you build all of your subs units as quickly as possible; I suggest that you build 4 war miners when you build your war factory - as there is a lot of ore to be harvested.

You will need to build about 15 subs - as well as 4 or 5 scorpions; to scout and take out air units.

Tip - There is an airbase that you may capture on the Eastern Island - there are also some money crates. It is worthwhile sending an engineer over there in an amphibious transport to capture it (send some infantry with him to guard the airbase).

You can try intercepting the Korean Navy as it makes it s way to the Allied Harbour; I suggest that you try to intercept it - but you should have at least 4 subs to go with your dreadnoughts - and 2 scorpions. The Allies use Aircraft Carriers and Destroyers to kill your sea units with; to combat this you must place sea scorpions around your naval units to destroy the aircraft that destroyers and carriers use.

You will not destroy all of the Korean fleet as it is a fairly large one; do not chase after it. Send your troops back to the base. Position them at the end of the western side of the island - next to the bottom of the screen so they are blocking the entry into your base.

Now you must build a large navy - build as many naval units as you see fit. You will need at least 8 subs though I recommend 15 - as if you have built 4 more war miners like I told you to then you will be rolling in the money.

At some point the remainder of the Korean Navy will return to your base to attack it; but they will be blocked by your naval units. Tip - place your subs in a straight line in single file (vertically) - this will allow them to all fire at once; decimating enemy units.

Once you have quelled the attack you should by now have enough units to go to the enemies base. Whilst there you must destroy all Naval Yards and naval units. You can sea how the allies naval base is positioned in between the two islands in the top center of the map.

Once there use your subs and scorpions to take the lead - with your two dreadnoughts behind them. Use your dreads to take out any prism towers or naval yards - the fact that their range is massive will make this easy. Once you have obliterated the enemy naval units and destroyed their 4/5 naval yards you will have completed the mission.

Time for mission 7, in a place a little colder than Hawaii.

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