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» Mission Five - City of Lights

Par Time:30 mins

1 - Energise the Eiffel Tower with 3 Tesla Troopers
2 - Defend the Eiffel tower from Allied attack

Briefing: The European nations are planning to join with the crippled Americans. We must not let this act of aggression go unpunished. You will lay waste to their beautiful Paris. We will show the Allies the true meaning of power by turning their own precious monuments into weapons of mass destruction.

You start off with a small group of conscripts, tesla troopers and dogs - you receive a few thousand credits to build some units in your barracks (the only building in your base). To complete the mission easily you will need the following - 1 Crazy Ivan, 1 Engineer, 4 Dogs, 4 more tesla troopers, 4 flak troopers and then just conscripts. The reason why conscripts are so important on this mission is as the mission is basically based upon garrisoning your troops in the buildings to take out Allied tanks/pillboxes/infantry. To complete the mission without using the garrison method would be possible - but extremely time consuming. Remember, conscripts are the only units that can garrison buildings - which is why they are very useful in this mission.

Build the units that I have suggested - you will now see that there are Allied patrols across the streets of Paris (these only consist of two GI's or one IFV) - take all patrols out in the surrounding area by either garrisoning buildings which are on their patrol routes, or by simply sending dogs at them (unless it's an IFV obviously!).

Your first aim should be to capture the oil derrick in the bottom left hand corer of the map - this is the only possible source of income so it is very important.

This oil derrick is very important as it the only way that you can make money for purchasing your troops. As you can see by looking at the map on the screen dump, the oil derrick is in the bottom left hand corner of the map - your base (or barracks) is near the bottom right; the Eiffel tower - where most of the Allied forces are, is near the top right hand corner. Move 8 conscripts towards the oil derrick area - if you encounter any resistance along the way then garrison any buildings that are near the Allied units. They will be killed quickly. Once you have secured the area between your base and the oil derrick send an engineer; once he captures it you will start receiving credits every now and again - it's upto you on what you spend it on - but I concentrated mainly on infantry, 8 tesla troopers roughly and about the same amount of flak troopers (useful for taking out the enemy vehicles).

Now you must start moving North (look at the radar screen on the screen-dump - this will give you an idea of the map - the large red square at the top is the Tower). Now send the group of 8 infantry, that you used to capture the oil derrick, northwards; destroy any Allied units on the way by garrisoning your troops (I'm not going to go through every little battle as that'd take forever - it's not exactly hard anyhow). Once you have cleaned out all of the are below the tower and its defences send up ALL your troops - and spend any credits you have. Set your barracks way point to where you are sending your units as you will still receive credits whilst you are attacking the tower.

Once you have massed your forces outside the area heavily defended you should send up your amphibious transport ( you will have received it with some tesla troopers during the course of the game) coning your troopers up the road on the very edge of the map on the western side (look at the map if you don't get what I'm saying). Now go back to your small army - garrison the necessary buildings in order to destroy the Allied defences - once you have done this (and destroyed any allied structures) your army should be gathered to the east of the tower in the small square. Now send up your amphib. transport - it will land to the East of the tower - there will be some Allied resistance - but as your transport contains Tesla Troopers they will just pop out when it is destroyed and make mincemeat out of the enemy. - Now that you have surrounded the tower simply make three of your tesla troopers fire on the tower (this may be done automatically by the computer). The Eiffel Tower will now turn into one hell of a huge Tesla Coil - a couple of Allied units will be sent to attack - mostly from the East; no need to worry though - the Eiffel Tower will kill them all!

Once you've fended off the pitiful attack you move onto your next mission.

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