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» Mission Four - Home Front

Location: Vladivostok, Russia
Par Time: 40 minutes

1 - Establish a base, defend the homeland
2 - Destroy all enemy forces

Briefing: The foolish Koreans have decided to take sides with the failing Allies. Their cowardly attempt to invade our Eastern territories will surely fail. Defend the motherland and, when you are ready, push the Koreans back into the ocean

The Koreans establish their base on the Eastern side of the map; while you must make yours on the Eastern side. Deploy your MCV first. Now build a barracks, ore refinery, war factory, radar. Whilst you are building these make sure that you build 3 flak cannons - on the Eastern side of your base - as the Koreans will use their Black Eagles. Build 5 conscripts - garrison them in the lighthouse. Now build a sentry gun and place it as near to the lighthouse as possible. Now you must begin to build your forces.

The simplest way to destroy the Korean base is by a bulk attack. Build 2 tanks, then 3 harvesters whilst building about 10 flak troopers (to give your base more protection from the Black Eagles (the Korean air unit)). Build 2 more tanks and 1 flak vehicle (use this to scout out the map). By this time you should be getting a LOT of money. Build 5 terror drones, 10 tanks , 20 conscripts and 3 dogs. Send them into the middle of the map ( eastwards ). Now go back to your base - click on your barracks so its information is displayed - now click on the radar screen in the Middle of the Allies base - this will tell your units to go there when they are built (preventing a lot of micro -management). Now attack the Korean base. Send all of your troops in at once (you should still be building tanks and infantry at this point). Destroy pillboxes, tanks, barracks, war factory and all other structures. As you will be re-enforced by the units that you are still building you will be able to destroy the base easily.

Now you have to destroy the Allied navy. If you can get your tanks to destroy the naval base then the job will be far easier. Build a naval yard - build 5 subs. Take them towards the Allied base, or whats left of it, and you will find the Allied fleet - destroy it.

You have finished mission 4.

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