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» Mission Two - Hostile Shore

Location: Florida Coast
Par Time: 35 minutes

1 - Force a landing and set up a base
2 - Destroy all enemy forces

Briefing: The Americans have foolishly gathered a fleet in a small harbor on the eastern coast of Florida. Assisted by General Vladimir in his Dreadnought, you will force a landing on the hostile shore and set up a base. When ready, you will strike out against the capitalist pigs and crush them under the iron heel of Soviet justice.

First of all you must destroy a small allied outpost on the beach - you will do this with ease - just split your troops into two groups. The group on the left hand side can destroy the pillboxes on the left of the outpost, and the group on the right can destroy the pillboxes on the right of the screen. Now send 4 tanks and some conscripts towards the allied harvesters - destroy them and the two or three light tanks with them on the ore field.

Now deploy your mcv. Build order:

Build a tesla reactor » barracks » ore refinery » naval base » war factory
While your are building those buildings send your troops to the edge of the trees just below your base - this is where the pitiful allied attacks will come from. Leave two conscripts on the ore field to guard your miners.Now build two engineers - capture the allied ore refiner - then sell them. You will receive money from the sale and two boxes will be revealed - containing a couple of thousand each - move a troop over them to open them.

Start building some infantry units - about 20 conscripts and 5 attack dogs - build 2 subs at the same time. By now your war factory should be ready - build another war miner. Now the money will start coming in very quickly ( there is a pure ore field to the North behind the big hotel).

Build 5 tanks and 4 more subs. Now spend any left over money on more infantry or tanks.Now send your subs down the map (you will see on the radar where the ships are based) - Destroy them and head inland; destroy their naval base and leave your subs there.Now send your army south - they will come to a small allied base which will be destroyed with ease (send your tanks in before your infantry so the pillboxes don't kill them).

Once you have destroyed this base mission two will be over.

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