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» Mission One - Red Dawn

Location: Washington DC
Par Time: 15 minutes
Objectives: 1 - Destroy the Pentagon

Briefing: You are fortunate to be in the vanguard of the Soviet assault on the United States. Lead your troops through Washington and destroy the most hated symbol of American military power, the Pentagon.

Deploy your mcv and build a Barracks followed by an Ore Refinery. Train an Engineer and tell him to wait there for now. Gather all your Conscripts and head to the northeast. Kill the Allied GIs blocking the road and keep going northwest. You should stumble upon a small Allied base. More Conscripts will be parachuted to aid you in destroying the small base. Send the Engineer you had trained earlier to repair the bridge leading to the northwest.

Send the Conscripts across the bridge and fortify them in the buildings to take out the Pill-boxes. There are two crates on each side of the buildings and both of them will increase unit's firepower. You should find another Allied base and reinforcement will be parachuted into the base. Use an Engineer to capture the Airport and kill off all the GIs in here.

More reinforcements will arrive with even more Engineers. Use them to capture all the Allied buildings. Cross another bridge to the northeast and take out all the GIs and Pill-boxes guarding the Pentagon. A really vast amount of Conscripts will be parachuted and you can use their help to quicken the destruction of the Pentagon. Mission accomplished.

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