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» Mission Twelve - Chrono Storm

Location: Moscow
Par Time: 1 hours and 30 minutes

1 - Clear the area so Chrono Reinforcements can arrive
2 - Eliminate Romanov's Elite Black Guard around the Kremlin

Briefing: The war is nearly at an end. A hand-picked group of volunteers will use the Chronosphere to invade Moscow from across the world. Once you have secured the Kremlin, Tanya will capture Romanov and put an end to Soviet aggression. You are the only commander skilled enough to make this work. Your forces will be outnumbered at least ten to one. Good luck.

Three SEALs will be parachuted and you will notice a twenty minutes nuclear countdown and a ten minutes iron curtain countdown as well. There is no room for error here so pay good attention to the battlefield! Use the SEALs to blow up the Tesla Reactor and kill nearby Soviet troops. Tell them to free the GIs and Engineers also by shooting the oil barrels. The Engineers should capture the Oil Derricks nearby to increase money flow from the start (you will need it, trust me!) Reinforcement will be chrono-shifted and you should deploy the MCV inside the enclosure (where the Tesla Reactor used to be). Set up a Barracks and train some Engineers to capture the two remaining Oil Derricks.

Set up your base and more reinforcement will arrive via the Chronosphere. Train GIs and fortify inside the four bunkers at the gate. They are vital to your bases survival. By this time, the Soviets will send a Kirov Airship to destroy your MCV. You must not let them succeed! Send all your Rocket IFVs to take out this monster. They will also attack from the northwest with some Rhino Heavy Tanks. Destroy them with your Grizzly Battle Tanks.

Additional note: Set up the War Factory to the west of the Construction Yard and set up another one to the east. There is nothing you can do to prevent the initial nuclear launch because twenty minutes is too short for you to build up enough forces to destroy the Nuclear Missile Silo so you should try to minimize the damage instead. Remember to spread all your buildings and the War Factory on the left will be targeted every time so don't build any structures nearby. When the nuclear missile destroys it, tank production should proceed at the other War Factory and the production should not be bothered at all. Expand your base to the northwest and station a few tanks there in case the Soviets decided to sneak a few tanks there.

While your base is busy building this and that, group the three initial SEAL team and tell them to go to northeast from your base. Blow up the building and get into the water. Follow it all the way to the south and when you get to the place where there are two Nuclear Reactors, use two SEALs to blow them up. The last SEAL should swim to the southern end of the water and climb out. Go to the edge of the map where you can go into the Soviet base near the entrance with three warehouses. Sneak your way in and take note of the two Nuclear Reactors here as well. Approach the Iron Curtain from behind and blow it up. You can train more SEALs later and direct them to blow up the two Nuclear Reactors south of the Iron Curtain.

Train a Chrono Legionnaire and send him to the west of the Nuclear Missile Silo. Order him to "erase" the two Nuclear Reactors there and the nuclear countdown will stop.

Tip - Throughout the mission the Soviets will use the iron curtain to attack you - this can be stopped! You can either use chrono legionnaires or PSI Commandos.

Soviet units will occasionally attack your base, but the garrisoned GIs should make short work of any enemy units. Just remember to repair the bunkers when they are badly damaged. Build the Chronosphere and Weather Control Station ASAP and start mass production of Prism Tanks if you haven't already done that. Build a Spy Satellite Uplink ASAP also and train a Spy. Try to infiltrate him into the Soviets War Factory so all your produced vehicles will become veteran units. Don't forget to train another Spy and infiltrate him into the Soviets Barracks. When the Chronosphere and Weather Control Station are both ready, create a lightning storm at the Nuclear Missile Silo. The silo should get badly damaged but not destroyed so before the Soviets can repair it to full health again, chronoshift a group of Prism Tanks and blow it to smithereens.

Now that you have nothing to worry about, try experimenting with the Chrono Legionnaire and of course you may use your spy to infiltrate the Soviets Battle Labs. You will be given the option to train the Psi Commando. It is actually Yuri - equipped with C4 charges so it is nothing really new but feel free to experiment with it. Now build many, many tanks and head to the Kremlin. Eradicate everything in sight and destroy the Elite Black Guard guarding the Kremlin. Enjoy the short but cool cut scene here and you will be back in the game. Tanya will disembark from a Nighthawk and enter the Kremlin to capture Premier Romanov.

Allied Missions accomplished! Mother Russia is no more!

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