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» Mission Eleven - Fallout

Location: Florida Keys
Par Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes

1 - Build a Chronosphere
2 - Neutralize the Soviet nuclear threat on Cuba

Briefing: Einstein has found the perfect place for his Chronosphere. Unfortunately this location is very close to Soviet-controlled Cuba. Build the Chronosphere and clear the area of Soviet nuclear missiles. We are nearly ready for our final attack on Moscow

Lieutenant Eva will brief you about Giant Squids and Dolphins at the beginning of the mission - Ignore the Giant Squid because there are other matters to be taken care of...

Additional note: These following steps have to be done simultaneously. There is no time to lose!!! Every second is precious here!!

IMMEDIATELY group all the GIs in your base and tell them to deploy near the bridge leading to the northeast. Train two SEALs and send one of them to the southwest and position him near the Ore Refinery. The other SEAL should stand by near the shore.

Train lots of GIs and garrisoned them in the two hotels east of your base (next to the ore field). Spare five more GIs to garrison the lighthouse near the Ore Refinery to the southwest. Build a War Factory ASAP and pump out those Grizzly Battle Tanks and tell them to guard the bridge to the northeast. Sell your Ore Refinery to the north because no matter what, you won't be able to muster enough strike force to defend it.

The Soviets should make an amphibious landing to the southwest. Use the SEAL there to kill the Conscripts quickly and the Prism Towers should blow the Rhino Heavy Tanks to bits. By now, Soviets Dreadnoughts should be launching their missile at your base. Send the SEAL waiting near the shore to C4 the ships. Return him to the shore when you're finished.

Build a Spy Satellite Uplink to reveal the map. Now is the time to set up your offensive troops. Build a Chronosphere (a twenty minutes countdown for nuclear missile will start after a transmission from Premier Romanov) and when it's ready, chronoshift a couple of Grizzly Battle Tanks to the western side of the Soviet base and destroy the oil barrels there. The resulting explosion should destroy the Nuclear Reactor next to it.

Build twelve Harriers and order them to destroy the Nuclear Reactor at the southwestern side of the map. You will lose a couple of them in process but who cares? The nuclear countdown will come to a halt and you can just send in waves of troops with Chronosphere and destroy the whole base. Or you can just keep sending Harriers until all three Nuclear Missile Silos are destroyed. The Premier will come online again and he will be so angry that you managed to destroy his Missile Silos. Mission accomplished!

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