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» Mission Ten - Mirage

Location: Black Forest, Germany
Par Time: 1 hour

1 - Ensure the safety of Professor Einstein's Laboratory
2 - Destroy all Soviet forces

Briefing: Desperate for some success, Soviet forces have counterattacked our European allies in Germany, moving deep into the Black Forest. No doubt their commanders hope that they will find and capture Einstein's laboratory. Your special talents have been asked for. The Germans fear they will be defeated without your strategic skills.

You will get a transmission from Professor Einstein, he will brief you on the new Mirage Tanks. - Start building an Ore Refinery and train twenty GIs in your Barracks IMMEDIATELY. There is absolutely no time to lose!!!

Deploy your MCV behind the base and set up the Ore Refinery next to it. QUICKLY build ten Grizzly Battle Tanks and station them on each side of your base.

Split the twenty GIs and deploy them equally on both sides. You should receive message that the Germans have been defeated. You only have a few spare moments before the Soviets attack your base. Build a second Chrono Miner followed by a second Ore Refinery.

Additional note: The Soviets will attack and they will attack hard with LOTS of Conscripts, Rhino Heavy Tanks and V3 Rocket Launchers. Use the two rocketeers in front of your base to help destroy the V3 Rocket Launchers.

You might also want to infiltrate some Spies into enemy structures to gain veteran units. Just be careful of Attack Dogs!!!

When you have successfully repelled the Soviet's initial assault, build a Battle Lab followed by the Ore Purifier and the Spy Satellite Uplink. Lieutenant Eva will contact and brief you about the Soviet's Apocalypse Tanks.

Anyway, assemble a strike force consisting of LOTS and LOTS of Prism Tanks ASAP. The Soviets will assault you for a few more times but the Professor will warn you of their positions so it should be easy to intercept them.

Assemble all those Prism Tanks and attack the Soviet bases. Destroy them one by one. This should be very easy to accomplish as the Prism Tanks can take out those pesky Tesla Coils from a safe distance. When you have destroyed every single Soviet units and structures, the mission will be accomplished!

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